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Review: Crane Pushes the Boundries of Photography

Beaches and Parks by Barbara Crane, 1972–78

Beaches and Parks by Barbara Crane, 1972–78

Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision
Amon Carter Museum | Ends May 10, 2009

As always the Amon Carter Museum is a great place to experience art. The close parking may be limited but the admission is free! The best part about the Amon Carter is their large collection of Remingtons and Russells.

Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision is vast (nearly 200 photos), as it should be for any photographer with a sixty year career. Ms. Crane’s subjects ranger from portraits to crowd scenes to experimental stills.

You can really appreciate this exhibit with the understanding that everything Ms. Crane did was without the aide of a computer and a graphics program like Photoshop. Anyone younger than the Holga (crica 1982) might not see it.

There are some really nice examples of Ms. Cranes work, like The Red and the Black. Its made up of 117 different red and black Polaroid images and each image is framed in an individual film holder. You could find some thing new every time you look at it.

I found myself most interested in her People out of North Portal series. Ms. Crane photographed people coming out of the same exit. I enjoyed looking at the people (who may or may not have know their photograph was taken) and reading their expressions and checking out their clothes.

My inner Holga was moved by the Beach and Parks series with the silvery skin tones and the colorful Eating series. The only things missing from these series were vinyetting and light leaks.

Mr. Holga recommends seeing Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision only if you are into experimental photography. If not, then I recommend visiting the Amon Cater Museum anyway for the Remingtons and Russells, but do stop by the Crane exhibit.

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