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El Paso Cuts Ribbon on Two Mountains and New Municipal Service Center

New Municipal Service Center in El Paso

New Municipal Service Center in El Paso

From Press Release

The City of El Paso Public Art Program and the Environmental Services and Street Departments dedicated and unveiled Two Mountains, a rammed earth sculpture by Minnesota artist Janet Lofquist. The ceremony was at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 17, 2009, at the new Municipal Service Center at 7968 San Paulo Drive.

Speakers at the ribbon cutting included Mayor John Cook, City Representative Steve Ortega, Environmental Services Department Director Ellen Smyth, Street Department Director Daryl Cole, and the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department Director Sean McGlynn.

About the Artwork by Janet Lofquist

Inspired by the Franklin Mountain range, Two Mountains consists of two sculptural elements composed of locally sourced material. Layered into the striations of pigmented earth are recycled materials that have a significant impact on our environment. Using crushed aluminum beverage cans, from the City of El Paso’s recycling program, and shredded rubber from automotive tires, this public artwork suggests our relationship with the environment.

About the Project

With the construction of a new Municipal Service Center for the City of El Paso, two percent (2%) of funds were set aside for the design, fabrication, and installation of permanent public art. Upon review by an artist selection panel, Public Art Committee, and the Cultural Affairs Advisory Board, Minnesota artist Janet Lofquist was selected from a pre-qualified group of artists to provide an environmentally symbolic image for community residents and visitors alike.

About the Artist

Renowned sculptor and installation artist Janet Lofquist received a B.F.A from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Lofquist has been involved in a number of public art projects nationwide with permanent artworks installed throughout Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Iowa. Lofquist draws inspiration from layered histories, including cultural, geographical or geological characteristics, all of which add resonance to any given site.

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