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McCoo and Crouch at South Dallas Cultural Center

Unsolicited Thoughts
Soulful Melodies

South Dallas Cultural Center | Opens June 6

Opening Saturday, June 6, the South Dallas Cultural Center presents Unsolicited Thoughts by Freddie McCoo and Soulful Melodies by Patrick Crouch. Both Mr. McCoo, a St. Louis transplant, and Mr. Crouch, a Dallas native, will be on hand for Meet the Artist talks from 5 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 13, 2009.

About the Center

The South Dallas Cultural Center is a multi-purpose arts facility in South Dallas and serves the African American artistic community. The center is a 24,000 square-foot facility near the Fair Park ampatheater. Features include a 120 seat block box theater, visual arts gallery and studios for dance, art, ceramics, printmaking and photography. The center also has a digital recording studio and an educational program in digital technology for youth and adults.

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