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Wallace, Morse and Valle at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

Super Dynamic Action Go!

Super Dynamic Action Go!

Super Dynamic Action Go!
Fort Worth Contemporary Arts | June 25 to July 12

Super Dynamic Action Go! is a collective composed of a contemporary, independent cartoonist, a sci-fi machinist, a pyrotechnic stop motion video artist and a West Texas oilman. Essentially, the works on display at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts are by artists Dustin Wallace, Colin Morse and Yosif del Valle. Super is a window installation curated by Joel Kiser.

From Press Release

Super Dynamic Action Go! is not only referential of pop culture, but they create works symbiotic with sci-fi –culture, comic culture itself, creating a reciprocal relationship between high art and mass culture. Super Dynamic Action Go! envisions characters and objects with both fantastical and functional iconographies. The art is painstakingly brought to life through machinist techniques, the emphasis of a plot or traditional type of story, and the manipulation of video to convey a sense journey through time and space.

The Exhibit has also produces YouTube videos:

The Fort Worth Contemporary Art is part of The Art Galleries at TCU. The contemporary is located at 2900 West Berry Street (at Greene Street), Fort Worth, Texas.

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