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Steel Lounge Underground - July 31

Steel Lounge Underground - July 31

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Steel Wired
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

Presented with DJ Pooks and Josh Zulu, Steel Lounge Underground showcases Houston’s diversity and talent by bringing together musical artists representing a variety of genres and attracts an audience representing all walks of life. During the event, the audience is free to explore the exhibitions on view while enjoying the music. Join us for this month’s talented lineup: Sasha Braverman vs. Henry Chow, Gracie Chavez, and a live performance by Spain Colored Orange. There is no charge for admission; cash bar.


Originally from the New York area, Sasha Braverman has been involved in underground dance music since 1993. In 2000, Sasha relocated to Houston where he began to explore new sounds and directions as a DJ. Focusing on the deeper sounds of techno, house, and electro, Sasha has stayed at the forefront of the minimal explosion while maintaining an affinity for his early Detroit and European techno influences.

From the East to the West, Henry Chow brings a fresh new sound to the international techno community. Though he keeps his cool from the outside, Chinese-American Chow lets it rip—in the clubs and on vinyl. Henry’s sound is basically a rougher, synthesized one, compressed with hypnotic multi-rhythms and extremely hard percussive / tribal influences. Add minimal repetitive melodies on top of it, and there you go.

Gracie Chavez describes herself as “a fast-and-furious-music-loving-mobile-professional-Technics-branded-SUV-drivin’-mommy.” From shedding light on fellow female DJs as a co-founder of the “Les Femmes” project to the recent ten thousand download triumph of her “Yo, Mami” mix, Chavez is quite the overachiever. Chavez’s music choice depends on her mood. From house, electro, retro, ’80s remixes, old/new school, Baltimore Club, to baile funke, and Houston rap, you’ll have to make it to Steel Lounge Underground to see what she’ll mix.

To classify Spain Colored Orange as an indie rock band might be a gross generalization. They may inhabit that space comfortably, but Spain is better described as a seamless juxtaposition of Electric Light Orchestra, Air, Wings, Captain Beefheart, and the Buena Vista Social Club. The Houston Press named “Hopelessly Incapable Of Standing In The Way” Album of the Year in 2006, and their forthcoming “Sneaky Like A Villain” LP was produced by Bill Racine (Rogue Wave/Mates of State). “Writing and performing are the two things we do best together as a band. There’s nothing like a good show!” says Gilbert Alfaro (vocals and keys).

Last Chance to See

This is your last chance to see Berlin-based artist Torsten Slama’s post apocalyptic worlds. The exhibition features a selection of approximately 35 large drawings, paintings, and works in airbrush on paper by this innovative artist.

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