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Dallas Museum of Art Launches Enhanced Web Site

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The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Museum’s redesigned Web site, which became active earlier this summer. With the newly enhanced Web site also comes the introduction of the DMA’s Arts Network, a new way to use technology to connect the broadest audience with our encyclopedic collections of over 23,000 great works of art in diverse and creative ways. The redesigned Web site and the DMA’s Arts Network are possible due to a prestigious National Leadership grant received in December of 2007 for $519,435 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Highlights of the redesigned Web site, which can still be found at, include a calendar with day-to-day event listings, a cleaner homepage with quick links to current exhibitions, daily features and curatorial highlights, and access to over 5,500 works of art in the Museum’s collections in a searchable online database. All of these features help visitors explore the depth of the Museum’s offerings and also examine the works in the collections that are on view and in storage.

“The redesigned Web site and the Arts Network support the DMA’s educational mission and commitment to utilizing technology to enhance lifelong learning and will eventually serve as a core programming element in the Center for Creative Connections,” said Bonnie Pitman, The Eugene McDermott Director at the Dallas Museum of Art. “Through these projects, the Museum will also use the Levels of Engagement with Art (LOEA) framework to gain important new insights about users’ preferences and interests that will be shared with other museums around the world.”

Highly innovative, the Arts Network project is a unique approach to museum content management and delivery. Rather than ask the question “How will we deliver our content?,” the Museum seeks answers to “What kind of content do we want to deliver?” and “What kind of content do visitors want?” Through the Arts Network, the DMA is paving the way for a whole new museum experience, which is being experimented with this summer during the Museum’s Summer Spotlight tour.

Visitors this summer have the opportunity to experiment firsthand with interactive content in the galleries as part of the Museum’s Summer Spotlight program. This summer, many of the thirty works featured on the Summer Spotlight tour direct visitors to access content online that the DMA has posted on its internal content management system. The online content, available on the site, is accessible with free Wi-Fi all over the Museum. For example, a guest can stand in front of the Jackson Pollock painting Cathedral or Portrait and a Dream on Level 2, both works featured in the Summer Spotlight tour, and watch videos of Jackson Pollock painting on their Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or media player. These videos, audio clips and other bonus features will give visitors fresh insight into their favorite works of art.

“By taking a comprehensive approach to content management, the DMA has created a physical system that is sustainable and a program development model that targets audiences and engages previously siloed internal business units. The focus is on quality programming, not hardware,” said Homer Gutierrez, Director of Information Technology at the Dallas Museum of Art.

In addition to Gutierrez, other members of the Arts Network development team include Jessica Heimberg, Senior Web Developer; Ted Forbes, Multimedia Producer; Mandy Engleman, Graphic Designer; and Jacqueline Allen, The Mildred R. and Frederick M. Mayer Director of Libraries and Imaging Services.

The Arts Network system will provide audiences with customizable interpretive materials and information about exhibitions, special events and programs. Whether in the galleries, at home, or even in a local Starbucks, anyone with access to the Internet and an interest in the artists or works of art in the Museum’s encyclopedic collections will have the ability to interact with the DMA’s digital content library. Visitors can quickly find and download high-quality digital images; video and sound clips of artists, curators, scholars, performances and teaching units related to the artists and works of art in the collections; as well as other related links.

About the Dallas Museum of Art

Located in the vibrant Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) ranks among the leading art institutions in the country and is distinguished by its innovative exhibitions and groundbreaking educational programs. At the heart of the Museum and its programs is its encyclopedic collections, which encompass more than 23,000 works and span 5,000 years of history, representing a full range of world cultures. Established in 1903, the Museum today welcomes more than 800,000 visitors annually and acts as a catalyst for community creativity, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds with a diverse spectrum of programming, from exhibitions and lectures to concerts, literary readings and dramatic and dance presentations. The Dallas Museum of Art is supported in part by the generosity of Museum members and donors and by the citizens of Dallas through the City of Dallas/Office of Cultural Affairs and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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