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Josh Reames and Ian O'Brien at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Mendeleevian Spectre Exhibit by Josh Reames

Mendeleevian Spectre Exhibit by Josh Reames

The Focus Galleries at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center will present Mendeleevian Spectre by Josh Reams and The G.R.A.S. is Always Greener by Ian O’Brien. Reception for both artists will be from 6 to¬† 9 p.m. on Friday, July 10, 2009. Reames captures spiritual elements through color, line and shape. O’Brien gives viewers his own personal history in the context of his made-up town, Grip River.

About Josh Reames

Josh Reames uses an understanding of layering from his printmaking background to depict the spiritual world. As the physical world is comprised of physical elements, so the spiritual work must be comprised of spiritual elements. (Mendeleev is credited with creating the periodic table of elements)

In Reames’ work, mental processes are translated into symbolic depictions using color, line and shape; the non-physical fundamental matter is replaced with tangible mark-making to produce a visual language that depicts a personal, albeit fragmented, delineation of the spiritual world.

About Ian O’Brien

Ian O’Brien has become the sole proprietor to a town called Grip River. He is the mayor, the city council, the newspaper editor, the architect, the contractor, the construction worker, the personal secretary, etc in the town that he created.

This installation looks at both the invented history of Grip River and the artist’s own personal history. O’Brien finds that his own memories from his childhood have been taken out of context as he has grown into an adult. He finds himself looking at the games and the fantastic worlds created in his youth with the eye of an amateur archaeologist. Drawing on social anthropology, the role of the museum, academia, and art, O’Brien tries to recreate his past and give the viewer a guided tour.

Other Exhibits and Sales

Other galleries at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center will features works for sale. Exhibits include the following:

  • The Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild – July 10 & 11, 2009
  • The Collectors of Fort Worth Art – July 10 & 11, 2009
  • Selections 2009 from the Fort Worth Dealers Association – July 10 through 30, 2009

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