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Open House, Public Art Installation at Fort Worth Fire Station 38

Water Fountain by Cam Shoepp, 2009

Water Fountain by Cam Shoepp, 2009

Fort Worth Fire Station 38 will hold an open house to show off the new station including Water Fountain, a public artwork installation commissioned by the Fort Worth Public Arts (FWPA) program. Station 38 is located at 13280 Park Vista Blvd. The open house is from 3 to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 10, 2009.

About the Artist (From FWPA web site)

Artist Cam Schoepp’s installation at Fire Station 38 is a contemplative oasis comprised of surface-cut limestone slabs and bronze bowls as seating elements and drinking fountains. Through form and text the artist subtly invokes the theme of man’s relationship to one of the most important natural resources – water.

Text sandblasted into the stone and etched into the bronze bowls of the fountains, gently reminds us of the importance of water – not only in fighting fire, but also the impact of water use in communities and the manner in which water creates history by shaping and forming the earth. The artist intends for the text to become a sort of “time capsule of information,” dating the year of the installation’s creation with its consumption and use.

The entrance into the artwork connects to the community and invites visitors to the station in order to consider their relationship with water and the environment. Native, drought tolerant plantings enhance the installation and complement the department’s architecture. “A firehouse seems like a wonderful place to create a gathering area to think about the issues of water consumption,” says Schoepp.

Public Art Opportunity

Austin, Texas | DEADLINE: July 17, 2009

The City of Austin’s Art in Public Places (AIPP) program seeks to commission 3 artists/design professionals who live or work within a 100-mile radius of Austin to create sidewalk enhancement works of art to be integrated into the 2nd Street District at the northwest corner intersections of San Antonio, Guadalupe and Lavaca Streets. The budget for each of the three public art projects is $20,000 ($60,000 total), inclusive of all aspects of design, construction, installation and related fees.
For the complete Request for Qualifications or visit

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