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Survey: What is the most important work of art in Dallas / Fort Worth?

What is the most important work of art in either Dallas, Fort Worth or around Texas? Enter your favorite work of art and its location in the Share Your Voice comment box for this post.

Dallas Art News would like to know what is the most iconic work in any major Texas city. A piece of art so loved and cherished that Texas cannot do without it.

Your opinion really matters here. Tell Dallas Art News what painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, print, sarcophagus, building or any other media is your favorite work of art.

There are no wrong answers. We want to hear from you. Submit your answer in the Share Your Voice comment box. Thank you.

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0 responses to “Survey: What is the most important work of art in Dallas / Fort Worth?”

  1. Kristi Miller Durazo says:

    The Mustangs in Las Colinas by Robert Glen, 1984

  2. Mr. Holga says:

    Stake Hitch by Claes Oldenburg, 1984-2003, Dallas Museum of Art

  3. Kimbell Art Museum building by Louis I. Kahn, 1972, Fort Worth, Texas

  4. Ryan Vojir says:

    The Neon Pegasus atop the Magnolia, artist unknown, 1934.

  5. Chase York says:

    Walking to the Sky, 2004, Jonathan Borofsky at the Nasher Sculpter Center

  6. Alisa says:

    I don’t know about most important but it’s my favorite…’Curved Red on Blue’, 1963, Ellsworth Kelly, Oil on Canvas. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

  7. Alyssa says:

    The Spirit of the Centennial – in front of The Women’s Museum:

  8. Brett Moore says:

    Walking to the Sky, 2004, Jonathon Borofsky, Nasher Sculpture Center.

  9. Richard A. Anderson says:

    My favorite, though not necessarily the most important, is Jonathan Borofsky’s Walking to the Sky at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Whether viewed from afar or in close proximity, the piece never fails to inspire, intrigue, and otherwise fascinate me.

  10. Lara Strother says:

    I would agree Kahn’s Kimbell. Honorable mentions FW Mondern Art building by Ando and the public art installation, Avenue of Light on Lancaster Avenue. Also the painting The Swimming Hole by Thomas Eakins owned by the Amon Carter is a personal fav.

  11. _Kt says:

    “Important” – tricky word. : )

    I WOULD say Balloon Flower, Jeff Koons…but that is gone. (sob)

    Now I vote on the Matthew Barney sculpture in the DMA’s collection. They are very lucky to have that….too bad it’s in the back. ALWAYS in the back. Ugh.