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Alan Day Contemporary in Santa Fe

Post by artist Liz Ballard

I recently visited the Alan Day Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The gallery is located a block away from Santa Fe Plaza. The space is rather small and the large works are clustered together, which can be a little distracting. The owner, Alan Day, is friendly and engaging. I enjoyed chatting with Mr. Day about the artists and their works.

Upon entering, I was immediately drawn by the work of Dana Draper. Mr. Draper expertly uses acids and oxides on copper for his figurative paintings. I really liked his bathers series, a composition of three female forms. Mr. Draper’s works explores the female form in a beautiful way.

Another standout is the work of Antonio Arellanes. At first glance Mr. Arellanes’s paintings look like simply textured black canvases, but when viewed from different angles, a multitude of colors appear on the surface. When Mr. Day noticed our interest, he placed the painting under a better light and the colors became more dramatic and interesting. There’s an obvious industrial theme in his work as well as exploration of light.

I enjoyed my experience at the Alan Day Contemporary. Mr. Day happily answers all questions and passionately answers questions about the paintings, making the experience more enjoyable. If you are in Santa Fe, I would recommend stopping by Alan Day Contemporary.

Alan Day Contemporary is located at 129 West Water Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visite them online at

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One response to “Alan Day Contemporary in Santa Fe”

  1. Mr. Holga says:

    Sounds like an interesting gallery to visit. Great review, Liz! Cheers.