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Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum Digs into Collection

Stones and Bones from the Collection

Stones and Bones from the Collection

Stones and Bones from the Collection
Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
August 22, 2009 – January 31, 2010

Some of the greatest paleontological and archeological discoveries in North America have been made in the Texas Panhandle, and many of the artifacts collected are housed at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (PPHM). Moreover, the Archeology Department of PPHM has amassed one of the largest archeological and paleontological collections in the United States.

The Stones and Bones from the Collection exhibit, running from August 22, 2009, through January 31, 2010, will highlight the diversity of the museum’s magnificent geological, paleontological and archeological collections.

Significant collections include Antelope Creek archeological sites, Triassic reptiles and amphibians and Mio-Plio-Pleistocene animals; however, only a small percentage of this collection is on permanent display.

Visitors will learn the difference between archeologists, paleontologists, and geologists; when a rock is not really a rock; and how to get involved preserving the natural and cultural history of the Panhandle Plains.

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