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Landscapes at 500X Gallery Annual Open Show

The Landscape Beyond the Tip of His Nose by Penelope Bisbee

The Landscape Beyond the Tip of His Nose by Penelope Bisbee

Annual Open Show
500X Gallery
Through October 31, 2009

There’s nothing like displaying art in an old warehouse, which make 500X Gallery a perfect venue. 500X Gallery, a stones throw from Fair Park, is currently exhibiting the Annual Open Show, an exhibit that gives artists without gallery representation (like me) the opportunity to display their work. 500x Gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday or by appointment. The Annual Open Show runs through Saturday, October 31, 2009.

I recommend seeing the Annual Open Show. Not because my work is currently on display, but because there are lots of interesting works on display with mine. The Annual Open Show exhibits paintings, sculptures, photography, green fuzzy things and mushrooms (Yes, mushrooms. We’ll get to those later.).

The theme for the Annual Open Show is landscape. Unlike the annual members show at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, it appears almost all works were landscapes. There were small folded boxes set-up like a city, metal work that looked like a castle, large scenic paintings and photographs of parking garages; all qualified landscapes. Even the one small head shot photograph displayed sideways was a landscape or at least in landscape mode.

For some reason I was expecting to see more photographs, but brush strokes clearly out numbered shutter releases. It is really refreshing to see art done the hard way (not that good photography isn’t hard).

I could tell you about the art I liked but I would rather show you. Below are some images from the Annual Open Show. Click on any of the small images to view full size images. I photographed a disproportionate number of paintings to photographs because it is hard to shoot through glass (sorry, photographers).

Oh, about the mushrooms. Some artist (I did not get the title or their name) put three rows of dried mushroom tops up-side-down on a base. I am sure if I stared at it long enough that I would get it (like the sideways head shot). Unfortunately, I did not. The anonymous artist is welcome to chime in on their work.

Enjoy the works below and check-out the 500X Gallery Annual Open Show before it closes on Saturday, October 31. Cheers.

Ornamental by Rachel Fischer

Rachel Fischer

The Landscape Beyond the Tip of His Nose by Penelope Bisbee

Penelope Bisbee

Pandemonioum by Joseph Lawayne Townson

Joseph L. Townson

Untitled by Chad Duckworth

Chad Duckworth

Lustful Reds by Jay Maggio

Jay Maggio

Thompson You Fool by Josh Fletcher

Josh Fletcher

Sentries by Paul Labadie

Paul Labadie

West #8 by Melisa Oporto

Melisa Oporto

Loreen's Wheelbarrow by Jozef Matheny

Jozef Matheny

Alcatraz Island, California by Mr. Holga

Mr. Holga

Garden / North View by Ellen Soffer

Ellen Soffer

Corn Field, Allen, Texas by Michael Roman

Michael Roman

Hive by Kasten Searles

Kasten Searles

And Then One Night from Across the Country Side Into the City by Josh Ward

Josh Ward

Sunday Night at Syros Island, Greece by Attchareepon Watson

Attchareepon Watson

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6 responses to “Landscapes at 500X Gallery Annual Open Show”

  1. Lacy Mahone says:

    Regarding the mushroom piece: I believe it is titled “34”. I could be wrong but I believe the mushrooms were hand crafted (acrylic)? The artist was there and very interested in others’ view of his work. He gladly explained, when asked, that “34” is a piece that draws from his favorite artist (Eva Hesse, who died at age 34). See minimalism, concentric circles, repetition, etc. Hope I didn’t screw that up too badly. I do not remember the artist’s name…

    Successful show, in my opinion. I would have to say the Rachel Fischer piece was one of my favorites. Good picks!

    -Lacy Mahone

  2. Ms. Mahone, Thank you for the additional information about the mushroom art. I knew there was more to it than what I saw. Cheers.

  3. Mr. Holga says:

    You mean the mushrooms weren’t appetizers? I think I ate one of them. Made of acrylic you say. No wonder it was so chewy.

  4. shelby says:

    the mushrooms were cast plaster. very delicate and beautiful.

  5. Mr. Holga says:

    Plaster you say. Your may be right. The mushrooms were rather dry. It was the deli tray art that was chewy. It’s all coming back to me now.

  6. shelby says:

    here’s the info on the artist/title/medium. Lacy got the title right!

    Alfredo Salazar-Caro
    plaster, acrylic