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Bad Idea #1: Putting Your Art on Display at a Major Museum

Periodically, Dallas Art News is going to post what we consider to be a bad idea. By bad idea, we really mean a good idea. No, a great idea. An idea so potentially great that it may be considered devilishly bad.

The grand scheme of our bad ideas is to bring Dallas Art News viewers and artists together to comment and discuss these wicked thoughts.

Dallas Art News does not encourage anyone to carry out any of our bad ideas or the related comments and discussions. You should not do anything that is illegal or harmful to yourself, other persons, businesses or property. Just say no.

This is not the best bad idea we have ever had at Dallas Art News. That would be the Dallas Art News Museum Express Tour, which will be announced later this week. This bad idea is a starter idea to get the ball rolling.

Bad Idea

Have you ever wanted your art displayed in a major museum? Did you ever consider displaying it yourself?

Here’s the idea.

First, you should start with a little reconnaissance. Visit a major museum and determine the color of their walls. Are they white? Maybe they are beige or an even darker color. Take a look at the identification tags. What kind of font are they using? What color are most of the frames? What color jackets are the guards wearing? Do the guards look like they have a sense of humor?

Second, you create a small work of art (drawing, print, painting or photograph) that is no wider than your chest. Actually, it should be smaller than the width of your chest to allow for matting and framing. Next, create an identification tag for your art with: title, artist’s name (your name), media, size, and year completed. Remember to use the correct font type.

Third, it’s time to find the right clothes. If the museum walls were all white, then you are probably in luck. Find yourself an all white outfit from your hat to your shoes. A white jacket would be even better. The goal here is to blend in to the museum. No, you won’t be invisible.

Lastly, you put this bad idea to good use. Dress in your one color outfit. Take your art and tag to the museum with a friend. Find a nice empty wall to stand in front of with your art hanging from your neck with the tag pinned to your shoulder. Your friend, who could be wearing the same color jacket as museum security, should take pictures for your portfolio and also tell people not to touch the art.

Honestly, this idea is not that bad. As a matter of fact, some museums might welcome a little odd behavior. But what if a few dozen artists all decided to show their are at the same time? Then it is not a single work of art, but an exhibit; an unplanned exhibit.

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