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Cynthia Chartier and Ray Phillips at Samuel Lynne Galleries

Face by Ray Phillips

Face by Ray Phillips

New Visions
Samuel Lynne Galleries
November 21 to December 31, 2009

New Visions at Samuel Lynne Galleries will exhibit the work of Cynthia Chartier and Ray Phillips. Opening reception for New Visions is Saturday, November 21, 2009, from 6 to 9 p.m. Samuel Lynne Galleries is located at 1105 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas, 75207. New Visions runs through December 31, 2009.

Cynthia Chartier – Mixed Media Collages

Cynthia Chartier was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and began her formal education at the Notre Dame Art School when she was eight. She studied in Europe during the summer months and continued her education in painting and fine art at the Boston Museum School, The Monseratt School of Visual Art and at the Norton Museum School of Art. In 2005, the Jesuit Dallas Museum selected her as its artist of the year. Chartier has had numerous one-woman shows and is represented in fine art collections throughout the country. Her style mirrors her passion for life, spirituality, music and love. She combines rich jewel tones of vibrant color with hand-selected fabric, sheet music and manuscripts, painting layer upon layer of rich color and glaze. The multiple layers build up to create a prismatic effect, adding subtle dimensions of chromatic symbolism for the viewer’s discovery.

Working in the Reflectionist school of art, Chartier’s timeless work mimics the world in which she lives. Each painting is created with the intent of capturing a specific moment or story with which she resonates. Her paintings are a multidimensional odyssey of color ranging from abstract expressionistic works to lyrical figurative works. She currently resides and works in Dallas, Texas.

Ray Phillips – Contemporary Abstract Art

Ray Phillips has lived a life committed to art. His mother, recognizing his artistic passion for drawing, sacrificed for and encouraged him to take advantage of his talents. She enrolled him in the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas, previously known as the Museum of Fine Art School. In his later years, Phillips experienced success in the music industry, as well as in the digital graphics industry. He eventually sold his graphics business and now dedicates his life exclusively to creating fine art.

Phillips highly sought after paintings exhibit the depth, layering, texture and composition that can only come from someone who strives for perfection and believes that “enough is never enough.” He currently works out of his studio in Houston.

“Each piece is like a series of small battles, something to overcome in the constant mission to please myself. The creative process is sometimes very exhausting, unlike some people’s interpretation that it’s all therapeutic and that ideas just fly onto the canvas. Often after finishing a piece I feel completely spent.” – Ray Phillips

Winning Spirit IV by Cynthia Chartier

Winning Spirit IV by Cynthia Chartier

Face by Ray Phillips

Face by Ray Phillips

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