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Guadalupe: In Name and Image at the El Paso Museum of Art

Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington

Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington

Join the El Paso Museum of Art on Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm for Guadalupe: In Name and Image, a lecture by Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington in the El Paso Energy Auditorium. Seating is limited to 212 people and is on a first come, fist served basis. This lecture coincides with EPMA’s retablo exhibition La Virgen de Guadalupe on view through March 7, 2010. This lecture is free to the public. A reception will follow.

The Museum Store has for sale the following books by Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington: Celebrating Guadalupe, Viva Guadalupe! The Virgin in New Mexican Popular Art, and Guadalupe Our Lady of New Mexico.

Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington

Jacqueline studied art history and religion at Smith College. She earned a graduate degree in religious art of the medieval period from the Sorbonne. She holds Master of Arts degrees in world religion from both Columbia University and New York University. She has a Ph.D. in Indic studies from the University of New Delhi. She is the author of Viva Guadalupe! The Virgin in New Mexican Popular Art, Celebrating Guadalupe, Guadalupe Our Lady of New Mexican Art, and Tibetan Wheel of Existence.

La Virgen de Guadalupe

This exhibition features 14 retablos from EPMA’s permanent collection and explores the popularity of the Virgin of Guadalupe as a major religious and cultural icon in Mexican and Mexican American culture. The retablos are the gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Dorrance D. Roderick, Dr. Steven McKnight in honor of Frank and Sara McKnight, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Miller.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the most popular and well known of all Mexican images. Since the 19th century, she has been a symbol of national identity for the Mexican people. The patron saint of curing illness, the Virgin of Guadalupe is a hybrid of both indigenous and Spanish iconography.

According to legends in Mexico, the Virgin visited an Indian boy, Juan Diego, in a vision on the hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City. The Virgin requested that a church be built in her honor on the site where she visited Diego, however the Bishop was in disbelief. Only when the Virgin gave Diego a cloak with out-of-season roses and her image miraculously imprinted upon it did the Bishop believe.

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