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MAC Announced First 2010 Exhibit: Mixed Media

Sedrick Huckaby with The Love Supreme (Photo by Valley House Gallery)

Sedrick Huckaby with The Love Supreme (Photo by Valley House Gallery)

The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) is proud to present its first exhibition in 2010: Mixed Media, curated by Phillip E. Collins. The opening reception will be Saturday, January 9th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at our galleries located at 3120 McKinney Avenue, which is in the Uptown District of Dallas.

Mixed Media exhibits the works of Sedrick Huckaby, Anita Holman Knox, and Jack White. The title Mixed Media is a metaphor to present each artist’s work in a separate gallery and collectively view all three galleries as one exhibition. All three artists explore African and African American textiles independently as a means to express their search for aesthetics, identity, position and humane value of African American art in a global culture context. The exhibition reflects the sustainability and adaptation of African textiles in the “New World” and its impact on American culture. Beginning with its rhythmically arranged geometric shapes translated into colorful scraps of cloth stitched together to create quilts for cold winter nights, later expressed in jazz as improvisation, and currently being explored by artists, quilt making remains a vital and creative part of African American culture. Not only has it been a conservative means for providing economic family needs, it has provided an avenue for African Americans to advance their social status. Mixed Media examines and elevates the concept of quilting to an iconic level as works of fine art.

Sedrick Huckaby

“When content and form combine completely, it allows the viewer to believe the painting is something other than what it actually is or mean something more than the sum of its media. This process of transformation is the magic of painting.”
– Sedrick Huckaby

Sedrick Huckaby uses quilts, family members as models, mixed media and paint as a means of expression; Huckaby assimilates a complexity of techniques influenced by Rembrandt and Velazquez. Huckaby has developed an attraction for the representational and non-representational elements of these artists’ work. Up close, brushstrokes in Huckaby’s paintings appear to be placed at random as in an abstract painting. From a distance, the random brush marks visually coalesce into a logical sequence within the .composition’s unified form Huckaby received his B.F.A from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts and received his M.F.A. from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Huckaby resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Anita Holman Knox

“…I see myself as a facilitator for those who celebrate life and find joy in the beauty and strength of our cultural heritage and diversity.”
Anita Holman Knox

Anita Holman Knox is among many non-traditional contemporary artists who have chosen quilt making and wearable art as a medium of creative expression. Knox’s belongs to a movement of African American quilters, a growing number of professional women, such as doctors, attorneys, engineers, and university professors who have formed national quilting networks. Their objective is to create heirloom quilts to pass on to future generations. Knox’s work is rich with bright colors and drawings. She tells stories about her personal heritage and documents African American historical events. Knox received a B.F.A. from Howard University, Washington, D.C. and A M.F.A. from Memphis College of Art, Memphis, Tenn. She has taught drawing and painting at Fort Worth ISD and as assistant professor of art at Talladega College, Knox is currently an instructor at Tarrant Count County College, Forth Worth, and Texas. She is a member of the Women of Color Quilter’s Network. Knox resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jack White

“I suppose I’m interested at this point in an identity. So with some information on my heritage I try to create exciting works with a connection to things of a black motif. After several attempts in various directions, a link to an African past seemed to emerge.”
– Jack White

Jack White assemblage paintings reflect penetrating insights into African textiles. His paintings look as of they are directly influenced by Cubism. However, they refer to the original African sources which inspired Western European artists. Spiritually, White searches for an identity with Africa’s ancient culture. Color, wood, metal, varied found objects and linear configurations come together to form “totems” in sharp, tension-filled compositions.

White received his B.S. (Art/Education) from Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD and Graduate Study (Museum Studies/African American Fellow) from Syracuse University; Syracuse, N.Y. White resides in Austin, Texas

About the MAC

Established in 1994, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) is a nonprofit organization that stands as a Dallas advocate for creative freedom offering the opportunity for experimentation and presentation of art in all disciplines. It supports the emerging and established artist roll in society providing a forum for critical dialogue with their audiences. This relationship is cultivated through education and innovative programming. The MAC is a member of Dallas Art Dealers Association and The Uptown Association.

Call 214-953-1212 for information or visit The MAC is open Wednesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sedrick Huckaby with The Love Supreme (Photo by Valley House Gallery)

Sedrick Huckaby with The Love Supreme (Photo by Valley House Gallery)

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