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Three New Exhibits for November at 500X Gallery

Sissy Mary’s Escape Plan and
My dots, My lines and
500X Gallery
Nov. 7 – 29, 2009

Opening Reception Nov. 7, 2009,  from 7 to 10 p.m.

Sissy Mary’s Escape Plan by Matt Clark and Tiffany Wolf

Matt Clark: This work is an attempt at realizing an escape velocity, continuing my investigation of human-powered travel. I keep close the bicycle but replace the parachute with explosives. Once content with the speed of a pedaled line through space, my impatience has resulted in a more aggressive mark. The aim of this pairing is the celestial sphere where the apparent dome of the visible sky forms half.

Tiffany Wolf: My thoughts around my femininity, my insecurity, and my home drive this work – using the work as a mechanism for coping with the actual reality versus the preconceived ideal. Having the control over an evolving process of making and destroying. The tedium of traditional craft materials such as lace, crochet, knitting, embroidery, doilies etc… and my power to manipulate their structures brings satisfaction.

Both Clark and Wolf have a shared interest in material and craft. Humor is a wannabe element. The work is an instrument made of behavior or thinking adopted to evade unpleasant facts or responsibilities.

UPSTAIRS GALLERY – My dots, my lines by S

My dots, my lines are markings that track elusive memories of personal journey. These works are basic. Getting to them felt like a nonlinear conscious journeying of latitudes, longitudes, and vortexes. Unmapped, unquoted, without precise reference… people, places, events, the stories are translated without interpretation.

The DOT – central, circumscribable mark of locus and identity
The LINE – path, flow with crossings and interruptions

Logbooks of the greatest voyages are incomplete. Navigators make mistakes. Completion is not an accomplishment. Evidence is not a requirement. The story is irrelevant after a mark is made.

PROJECT ROOM – fremder_fremder

Working as the collaborative, friend_friend, sisters Emily and Rebecca Carter will present their first public work, fremder_fremder, in the 500X Project Room. Combining low tech animation processes and live video, fremder_fremder explores the inevitability of becoming stranger within the most intimately family(iar). Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources including Russell Hoban’s sci-fi narrative Fremder – the story of the un-mothered self flickering in and out of being – and Bracha Ettinger’s theory of aesthetic relations with the stranger through the matrixial borderspace, friend_friend combines family history and grand historical narrative to build an abstract meditation. fremder_fremder investigates how the process of inserting oneself into one’s relatives’ stories ultimately allows one to become/multiply self, family, and stranger.

Fall 2009 Season

Rebecca Carter & Thomas Feulmer
December 5-27, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 5, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Julie Barnofsky

Spring 2010 Season

The Expo Show
January 16-30, 2010
Opening Reception: January 16, 7-10pm
Project Room: Shelby Cunningham

Shelby Cunningham & Tim Best
February 6-28, 2010
Opening Reception: February 6, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Todd Camplin
Project Room: Tiffany Wolf

Sarah Williams, Sean Adam Ibanez, Clayton Hurt, & Scott Hilton
March 6-28, 2010
Opening Reception: March 6, 7-10pm
Project Room: Joel Kiser

Natalie Macellaio
April 3-25, 2010
Opening Reception: April 3, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Murielle White
Project Room: Tim Best

Mark Collop & Joel Kiser
May 1-30, 2010
Reception: Saturday May 1, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Melissa Wilkinson – Paint Snob
Project Room: Sarah Williams

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