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Timothy Harding and Jennifer Jones at Gallery

Powdered Graphite 3 by Timothy Harding

Powdered Graphite 3 by Timothy Harding

Timothy Harding and Jennifer Jones Gallery
Nov. 14 to Dec. 11, 2009

Artist reception is Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Gallery is pleased to present the intersection of two young artists Timothy Harding and Jennifer Jones who explore pencil drawing on stake white backgrounds. Timothy Harding will be transforming the gallery with his deconstructivist architectural paper drawings. While Jennifer Jones’ work explores the death of her father using charcoal and gesso to delicate pencil drawings.

Timothy Harding treats paper with white gesso to allow the constructed environments to interact directly with the white walls of the setting these works occupy. His work brings in to question where the art works begin and end. The results are environment that appears to be consuming the surrounding areas.

Jennifer Jones (selected as Dallas Nine Artist by D Magazine) explores her feelings and reactions to the experiences that she encountered after her father’s death. Her father’s death caused her to also explore childhood memories which in turned she incorporated into her current work. She uses a range of different materials on each piece to delineate the objects from one another as well as time and place. Some images that are charcoal and gesso stand out more, and in turn, make the delicate pencil drawings seem ghostly quiet. Gallery is committed to promoting the visual arts in North Dallas. wants to create a dialog with emerging Dallas artists and the Dallas/Ft.Worth Community. For more information, please visit

Piano by Jenny Jones

Piano by Jenny Jones

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