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Web Comic Artists Wanted for Feature Article

Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009

Calling all Web Comic artists! Dallas Art News would like to highlight established Web Comics in a future article. The theme of the article will be “comics imitating art”, where artists re-create well known works of art using their Web Comic character(s) and style. The article, which will mostly be the images created by the comic artists and links to their sites, will appear during the first week of December 2009.

Dallas Art News would like to feature at least a dozen Web Comic artists. The only limitations will be space (limited to one square) and content (must be suitable for all audiences). Otherwise, we just want to see some great comics representing famous works of art.

The simplest example would be a comic character as Leonardo da Vinci’s  Mona Lisa or Vincent van Gogh with bandaged ear. Contemporary art could also be used. The sky’s the limit.

An even better art work selection could be an iconic work from one of the museums currently covered by Dallas Art News.

Web Comic Artist

The following Web Comic artist are already on board:

* Some Web Comics may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Questions and Answers

Q. Will I be getting paid for my “comics imitating art” work?

A. No, the purpose of the article is to bring attention to the vast amount of talent in the Web Comic world. Each work submitted will include a link directly to the artist’s Web Comic site.

Q. I just started a Web Comic. Can I participate?

A. Dallas Art News is currently only interested in established Web Comic. Your Web Comic site should be more than three months old with a lot of content to view.

Q. Will Dallas Art News own the submitted comic?

A. No, Dallas Art News is only posting your work for the article. We will no more own your work than that of the art images we are granted permission to use on our site.

Q. What is happening the first week of December 2009?

A. Dallas Art News will be doing the Museum Express Tour. This will be a great time for our viewers to see new and interesting content. We want your Web Comic to be a part of it.

Q. What is the deadline for submission?

A. All art work must be received via electronic media by Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009. The article will be posted Friday, Dec. 3, 2009.

Q. Is Dallas Art News looking for a featured Web Comic for this site?

A. Yes, Dallas Art News would like to start a featured comic section on our site. We would like to have four or more Web Comic artists providing at least one comic each per month to create this section. Unfortunately, Dallas Art News Web Comic artist is an unpaid position until we start generating revenue.

Please contact Dallas Art News at for more information or to participate.

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