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New Work by Rebecca Carter and Thomas Feulmer plus Holy Saint Mary's Biscuits Captain! at 500x Gallery

New Work by Rebecca Carter and Thomas Feulmer
Melancholia by Julie Barnofski
Holy Saint Mary’s Biscuits Captain! by Mark Collop and Joel Kiser
500x Gallery
December 5-20, 2009

Opening Reception: December 5, 7-10 p.m.

500X Gallery is opening three new shows for December: New Work by Rebecca Carter and Thomas Feulmer, Melancholia by Julie Barnofski and Holy Saint Mary’s Biscuits Captain! by Mark Collop and Joel Kiser. This trio of exhibits opens Saturday, December 5, 2009. The opening reception is from 7 to 10 p.m.

New Work by Rebecca Carter and Thomas Feulmer

Rebecca Carter presents The Love Letter, a collection of works in thread, neon, and photography investigating love, its absence, and the materialization of language.

Thomas Feulmer’s recent work looks at intimacy, attraction, and masculinity. Each of these notions have been played out in high (art history) and low (workout magazines) cultural arenas. Frameworks of meaning – such as myth, commerce, and history – keep these ideas in a fluid state. Feulmer uses imagery and language from gym culture, religious history, and animal-human interactions as overlapping reference points for work in a variety of media.

UPSTAIRS GALLERY – Melancholia by Julie Barnofski

The images explore physical manifestations of melancholia by specifically pairing fragments of daily encounters of implicit loss without showing what is lost. These photographs are explorations of how loss is materialized and visualized despite its ethereal state. This accounts for their extremely small size, as I ask the viewer to examine them intimately, forging his or her own connection with each piece, and not allowing enough space for more than one person to adequately view them at a time. Though materializing an intangible concept provides a daunting or perhaps seemingly impossible task, melancholy scenes are represented in these images as they stagnantly express morose or nostalgic scenarios, often ambiguous in nature, while remaining indefinable. In addition to this, these photographs involve the viewer as an active participant, asking her to establish her subjective or objective connection to each scene and sense of disconnection from the real (or, what is a mere representation of reality within each photo).

PROJECT ROOM – Holy Saint Mary’s Biscuits Captain!

Mark Collop aka ‘Rollie Fingers’ and Joel ‘Captain’ Kiser present the first screening of “Holy Saint Mary’s Biscuits Captain!” Come celebrate prostate awareness with Rollie Fingers and Captain Kiser as they battle the evil prostate monster ‘Zebular the Third’! There will be fun and refreshments for the entire family.

THE 25-50-100 500X HOLIDAY SALE

500X members have contributed artwork at 3 gloriously accessible price-points! Halleluiah!
Purchase your one-of-a-kind holiday gifts early at the low-low-low price of $25, $50, or $100!
Cash-and-carry…you buy it, you take it off the wall.
Gift wrapping not included.


Spring 2010 Season

The Expo Show
January 16-30, 2010
Opening Reception: January 16, 7-10pm
Project Room: Shelby Cunningham

Shelby Cunningham & Tim Best
February 6-28, 2010
Opening Reception: February 6, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Todd Camplin
Project Room: Tiffany Wolf

Sarah Williams, Sean Adam Ibanez, Clayton Hurt, & Scott Hilton
March 6-28, 2010
Opening Reception: March 6, 7-10pm
Project Room: Joel Kiser

Natalie Macellaio
April 3-25, 2010
Opening Reception: April 3, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Murielle White
Project Room: Tim Best

Mark Collop & Joel Kiser
May 1-30, 2010
Reception: Saturday May 1, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Melissa Wilkinson – Paint Snob
Project Room: Sarah Williams

500X Gallery

500X Gallery is located at 500 Expositon Ave., Dallas, Texas 75226. They are open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. and by appointment. For more information call 214-828-1111 or visit on the web at

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