Special Feature: Webcomics Imitating Art

Triple Self-Portrait by Nate Bramble

Triple Self-Portrait by Nate Bramble

Dallas Art News invited webcomic artists from the Dallas Webcomics Expo (DWEX) to participate in a special feature, Webcomics Imitating Art. The idea was for each webcomic artist to use their characters and style to recreate a famous work of art. We only expected to get about six works, but we lucked out and got nineteen webcomic artists to participate.

“The very first webcomic artist I contacted was Nate Bramble, who draws Hermit Hill. I suggested to Nate that he draw his main character, Walter, as Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait. I received Nate’s art a week later and was blown away by how good it was,” said Michael Roman, Dallas Art News Managing Editor.

Webcomics Imitating Art was supposed to coincide with the Dallas Art News Museum Express Tour. Unfortunately, the tour did not get enough registrations and we decided to postpone the tour till spring 2010. Even though the tour was postponed, more and more webcomic artists signed-up for the feature and the art kept on coming.

Some of the famous artists include Grant Wood, Auguste Rodin, John Singer Sargent, Edvard Munch and Henri Matisse. The most popular artist was Michelangelo, who has three works in Webcomics Imitating Art.

“We tried really hard not to get a dozen Mona Lisas, which was not selected. Somehow we did get two versions of Marilyn by Andy Warhol,” said Mr. Roman.

Dallas Art News hopes our readers will enjoy Webcomics Imitating Art and take the time to check out the sites of each webcomic artist.

Webcomics and Artists

Webcomics Imitating Art Gallery

Click on any of the thumbnail images to open the gallery. Cheers.

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1977 the Comic by Byron Wilkins

Link: www.1977thecomic.com

Summary: “1977″ is the story of Bud, Jeff, Lorraine and Robyn, four friends trying to become rock and roll stars in the late 70s, but somehow always missing their target. Tag along as they find out how to take life one toke at a time.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … working at Denny’s.

After Lily by Hannah Scott

Link: www.afterlily.com

Summary: A cheerful assistant Grim Reaper and her ultra-depressed worker collect the souls of the recently deceased and bring them to the afterlife.

Since: 2008

Brax the Alien Rocker by Philip Vecchio

Link: www.braxcomics.com

Summary: Brax the Alien Rocker is about an aspiring musician from a planet far away. He has come to Earth to make his mark on the music industry. Brax is joined by Manny, Rosy and Bots.

Since: 2009

Cloud Hopper by Geoff Sebesta

Link: www.unnecessaryg.com

Summary: A guy falls off a building and wakes up on cloud. And then all sorts of stuff happens.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … protesting the School of Americas in between hugging trees and socializing medicine.

The Devon Legacy by Keith Taylor

Link: www.justnopoint.com

Summary: Earth’s fate is in the hands of two alien races! Luckily, one of them isn’t so bad. Attempting to stop a vicious horde can two specially gifted humans (Fenny & Sally) actually turn the tables of balance on this war?

And after you finish reading the 6 issue completed Prologue stick around in January of 2010 as the story continues on!

Since: 2006

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … chiseled like stone and ruler of some small Ethiopean villiage I guess. Or I’d be doing something just as nonproductive.

The Drunken Fools by Antoine Gagnon

Link: www.thedrunkenfools.com

Summary: When it comes to party and alcohol, some guys never grow up. In the case of Spike and Billy, the main characters of The Drunken Fools, that is so true! Always putting themselves in trouble, they are protected by Stubby, the Skunk Guardian Angel.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … sitting every night in a bar thinking of a web project that would fail a month later.

Hermit Hill by Nate Bramble

Link: www.hermithillcomic.com

Summary: Hermit Hill is the ongoing story of a lonely hill and it’s equally lonely inhabitant, Walter. Although he tries hard to keep the world at bay, life always encroaches on Walter’s solitude.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … working on print comics. I need to draw no matter what. The web affords me the widest possible audience for the least amount of investment, but without it I’d stick with paper and ink.

L.O.S.T. by Keith Smith

Link: www.karmicdebt.net/lost

Summary: This is the semi-autobiographical tale of one cartoonist journey through told through metaphors and other obfuscations to protect the innocent, or at least to hide how guilty the actually are.

Since: 2006

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … ruling the world from mountain-top fortress! Or possible just drawing comics and leaving them in odd random places for people to find.

Life’s a Witch by Samantha Wikan

Link: www.witchytech.com/lifesawitch (A SpiderForest Comic! – www.spiderforest.com)

Summary: Zelda is a housewife and witch struggling with dieting, housework and the occasional monster in the spare bedroom. She knows there are no magical solutions for life’s ups and downs, but that doesn’t stop her from trying anyway. Thankfully, her husband Bill, their two children and her best friend (the local tooth fairy) keep Zelda from doing too much damage. And that’s the REAL magic–the love and friendship that holds them all together.

Since: 2006

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … drawing mustaches on pictures all over town, doodling little pictures on receipts, bills, phone books, notepads, bathroom walls, important documents, etc.

Li’l Nyet: The Red Menace by Bengo & Pug

Link: www.lilnyet.com

Summary: Humor-drama set in the former Soviet Union. Colorful characters struggle between ideology and nature. An often subtle commentary on the human predicament. Especially popular in post-communist Eastern Europe.

Bengo & Pug are a husband and wife team using their childhood nicknames professionally.

Since: 2008

If we weren’t doing web comics we would be … drawing comics for each other’s amusement.

Liltoon by Brian Powers

Link: www.liltoon.com/tv

Summary: Liltoon is a whimsical look at the behind the scenes of a dysfunctional Saturday morning television program. Sometimes it is funny.

Since: 2009

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … singing in a Las Vegas lounge act.

Lint by Colby Purcell

Link: www.purnicellin.com/lint

Summary: Lint is a nearly completed tongue-in-cheek fantasy tale about Sangwine Schloeffel, the epitome of an exiled elven prince, and the epic overhaul it takes for those around him to restore his kingdom.

Since: 2001

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … a lousy artist. This comic taught me how to draw! Don’t believe me? Check out my archives.

Mint Condition by John Harmon

Link: mintcondition.comicgenesis.com

Summary: Mint Condition is the story of John, a struggling cartoonist, dealing with his
career, friends, and life in general. Amongst his group of friends things like comics, action figures, and movies are considered serious topics. The world of Mint Condition is one which often draws from real life experiences only put through the heavy pop culture filter which is John’s mind. Hilariousness ensues. Sometimes.

Since: 2007

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … only preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

PC Weenies by Krishna Sadasivam

Link: www.pcweenies.com

Summary: Meet Bob – certified techie and all-round computer weenie – as he tries to compute his way through geek culture, family life, and unemployment. Does Bob have enough gigahertz to stay in the game? Or is he just an 8-bit relic trapped in a 2-bit world?

Since: 1998

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … animating!

Quazar 451 by Sydney Winchester

Link: www.quazar451.com

Summary: The adventures of an alien on earth and across the galaxy.

Since: 2006

Rick the Stick by Ken Drab

Link: www.rickthestick.com

Summary: The classic saga of an extraordinary stickman living in an ordinary cartoon world.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … a butcher, but I don’t have the stomach for it. My next ambition was to be a meter maid, but I don’t have the legs for it. Then I thought of being a lumberjack, but I don’t like the outdoors. Comics are one of the few careers that don’t require a stomach, legs or being outside. That being said, if I don’t succeed in web comics I’ll have to look into being a coat rack.

Salt the Holly by Jessica Riojas

Link: www.salttheholly.com

Summary: Salt the Holly is about dating, couples, a roommate who dreams of becoming a pirate, and other adventures.

Since: 2007

Super Siblings by Patrick Scullin

Link: www.supersiblingscomics.com

Summary: Super Siblings is an all-ages comic strip for geeks with kids. The Clark children have super powers. Conrad uses his powers for good and his sister Courtney uses hers for bad. Neither knows the other’s secret identity so not only rivals at home they have unwittingly become super enemies.

Since: 2008

If I wasn’t doing web comics I would be … gainfully employed.

The Wannabe Pirates by Mark Largent

Link: www.thewannabepirates.com

Summary: The misadventures of Captain Errol Flemm and his crew of Wannabe Pirates as they search for treasure, fight off villains and monkeys, and strive to finally earn their parrots and become real pirates!

Since: 2008

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0 Responses to “Special Feature: Webcomics Imitating Art”

  1. George says:

    My fellow webcomickers did an outstanding job with their representations! I’m proud of you guys and gals.

  2. John Harmon says:

    Awesome stuff. I too am proud of everyone. I’m lovin’ the choices too.

    I almost did Rockwell’s triple self portrait and American Gothic, but decided against it.

    Great stuff guys!

  3. Mr. Holga says:

    Wow! This is one of the best collections of webcomics art in one place. They are all great! Hopefully, Dallas Art News can get a regular webcomic feature started. Apparently, this is what everyone likes to see. Cheers.

  4. Phil says:

    I’m honored to be included amongst such talented artists. Thanks to Michael for putting this all together.

    When’s round two?

  5. David says:

    These are really fantastic pieces! Brilliant stuff. It would be great to see these together in a book or something.