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500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show Review

500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show
500X Gallery
Through Jan 30, 2010

On view at the annual 500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show are works of art by emerging artists living right here in the heart of Texas. This year’s show was juried by English artist Richard Patterson and Christina Rees, TCU Curator of Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. This exhibit runs through January 30, 2010.

Kudos to 500x for a well curated show! I’m told that when artists dropped off an astounding 700 works of art for consideration the week before, there were pieces trailing out of the gallery onto the sidewalks. 500x did an impressive job of limiting their selection to a mere 70 pieces. (I know a couple artists whose fabulous work was not chosen!) Shows like this have a tendency to get large and crowded; especially with such a huge turn out for entries and the possibility of filling this magnificent space in the spirit of celebrating the art-making spirit. 500x skillfully balanced giving a lot of artists the opportunity to show their work with giving the viewers an exhibition layout that was skillfully handled. There is plenty of space between the works, enabling the viewer to form an intimate connection with an individual piece.

When I view an exhibition like the 500x EXPO, a few thoughts are running through my mind. The primary question I ask is Do these well displayed and properly lit works of art give me all the answers? I am drawn to works that provoke more questions than I expected at first glance. That said, the pieces that immediately stood out for me were

  • Jellyfish by Elizabeth MacDonald
  • Ornamental by Rachel Fischer
  • Bluebird Chasing Sun by Ashley Millow
  • Oedipus Loves Electra by Alfredo Salazar-Caro
  • Old Glory by Adeniyi Olagunju

As I made my way through the gallery for a third time, I did not envy the curators the task of choosing 3 winners from this exhibition. No need for me to fret. They chose 5 winners and three of them were at the top of my list as well!

And the winners are…

  • Leticia Gomez
  • Elizabeth MacDonald
  • Adeniyi Olagunju
  • Alfredo Salazar-Caro
  • Billy Zinser

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening evening of the exhibition and highly recommend viewing it. Overall, I felt that the artwork chosen really challenged the viewers to see where each artist stands in his/her art while still leaving room for personal interpretation and a depth of discussion. I love it when a juried show has so many works of art that not only make you want more, but encourage you to ask for and demand more from the artists on exhibition. I am looking forward to seeing more from both the artists with whom I had an opportunity to speak in depth and those I did not catch hanging out near their work!

500x Gallery is truly one of the best exhibition spaces not only for Dallas’ emerging artists but also for the viewing public.

500X Gallery
500 Exposition Ave., Dallas, Texas 75226
214.828.1111 |
Saturday & Sunday noon-5 p.m., and Weekdays by appointment

About Tanya Miller

Tanya is an art enthusiastic who relocated to Dallas after living abroad in Europe and Australia. She enjoys collecting art from her travels and interacting with the artists even more. Managing and curating the student art gallery, along with advanced studies and exhibition of her black & white 35mm photography, provided the much needed balance to her technical undergraduate studies. A Southern California girl at heart, Tanya enjoys an eclectic mix of artistic styles and is thrilled with the diversity of talent in the Dallas Fort-Worth Arts scene, where she is a docent with The Crow Collection of Asian Art. Interact with Tanya on Twitter at

4 responses to “500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show Review”

  1. Libby Cole says:

    Hey – thanks to Tanya for the great write up on 500x. Through her written article and Flicker slide deck I was able to experience the show in the comfort of my home. Her narratives helped me to appreciate the works represented and now I’m fired up to attend in person at the next opportunity!

    Her contribution was insightful and fresh — again, thanks to Tanya for sharing great thoughts and information on this wonderful art expo!

  2. Beverly Coulter says:

    Thank you Tanya for a great artice on the recent showing at 500X. As a first time visitor to the gallery, after reading your article, I too left wanting more. I agree also on the lovely work by Elizabeth MacDonald. Thank you for getting me out to 500X Gallery!

  3. Davis Tubre says:

    Tanya continues to fascinate me with her variety of talents from physical sporting events,her technical skills with art work, and her understanding art and what it represents.
    Tanya’s travels, education and talents have certainly enabled her to “read” art and the artist. I trust her to be able to evaluate works of art and as much to be able to articulate what and how well it represents the artist and the meaning of the art.

  4. Tanya says:

    @ Libby Be sure to stop in and see the show if you get out Saturday. It’s the last day!

    @Beverly Elizabeth MacDonald’s pieces are fabulous, right? Do you have a favorite?

    @ Davis Thank you. (The check is in the mail!) We’ll have to coordinate and see a show together when it’s too cold to be out on the water. I think you’d really some of the local talent in Dallas!