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Assignment: Photographing Museums

King Tut at the Dallas Museum of Art (photo by Mr. Holga)

King Tut at the Dallas Museum of Art (photo by Mr. Holga)

Are you ready for your first assignment? Great!

As a reader, follower and / or friend of Dallas Art News, we would like to enlist your help. Dallas Art News is expanding our list of museums to include more venues in and around Texas. For each museum listed we would like to have an original photograph of the museum. Your assignment is to photograph one of the museums on our list and send it to Dallas Art News.


I know. Why ruin a really fun assignment with rules.

First, the photograph you take must be your photograph. Do not send in another person’s work. The same fingers used to email us the digital image file must have been used to release the shutter on your camera. I know this sounds redundant, but photographers have feelings too, and some have lawyers. We only want to post images we have permission to use from the actual owner.

Second, the photograph must be good, creative, interesting, current, colorful, mysterious, unique, monochromatic, etc. We would love to see museums at first daylight, high noon or with star trails.Take your photograph with latest professional digital SLR or a pinhole camera. The only catch is that the museum must be recognizable in your photograph.

Third, digital image files must be received by Sunday, February 14, 2010.


Prize? What prize?

Really, there is no prize. But you do get your name and web site listed with your photograph on our museum page. And you get the glory of saying, “My photograph is posted on Dallas Art News!” This might not sound like a big deal, but consider how many digital image files we are going to receive for the Dallas Museum of Art. And only one will win.

Enter Your Photograph

Enter your photograph by sending a digital image file to Image files should be in JPEG format and not bigger than 1 MB.  Send you digital image file by Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I get paid if my photograph is selected?

A. No. The only payment received will be our warmest appreciation.

Q. What if my digital image file is over 1 MB?

A. We will print your image and then shred it. Don’t make us waste the ink and paper.

Q. What sizes do you recommend for my photograph?

A. Scale your image so that the longest side is only 1000 pixels. We will scale it down from there.

Q. Where do I send my digital image file?

A. Please email your digital image file to

Q. When does this assignment end?

A. This assignment ends on Sunday, February 14, 2010. Send us your digital image file on or before this date.

Q. Can I send you more than one digital image file for consideration?

A. Yes and No. Yes, you can send us more than one digital image file for consideration but the additional photographs cannot be of the same museum. You must select your best shot of each museum you photographed.

Q. Who will judge the winner for each museum?

A. If we only get one photograph per museum, then no judging will be needed. For only a handful of images, then Mr. Holga will judge. If we receive a lot of really creative images, then maybe we will put it up for a vote.

Q. How frequently are you asked questions?

A. All the time. I talk to myself.

Pinhole Photograph of Sculpture Garden at DMA by Mr. Holga, 2009Pinhole Photograph of Sculpture Garden at DMA by Mr. Holga, 2009

About Mr. Holga

Mr. Holga is our walkabout photographer and art reporter. Mr. Holga specializes in film photography, especially with Holga cameras. You can follow Mr. Holga on Twitter at or visit his website at

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