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News from the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Work by one of the Fort Worth 15 members

Work by one of the Fort Worth 15 members

The following is from the Fort Worth Community Arts Center newsletter. Current exhibits include art by Glen Downing, Sam Peters, the Fort Worth 15, Don Wall and Corliss Wall, Allie Wynne, Denise Hall, Sunnie LeBlanc and Sharon Corcoran, Jerry Johnston, Tracy Watson and Soon Y. Warren.

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Focus Gallery One: Southpaw
January 8 – February 20, 2010

Glenn Downing was born and raised in a rural area outside of Waco, Texas. He began life doing all sorts of manual labor, working alongside men with little or no formal education; men who grew up using their hands and who got where they were in life by just working themselves to death. They were individuals; not always correct in their talk or their manners but willing to get the job done and get on with life. As he got older, Downing became one of those men.

Don’t expect poetry here.

Expect rust, dancing, sarcasm, sensitivity, sharp edges, raw spots, droppings, animals, trash, nature, humor, rambling, pretty colors, ugly things, ink, duck tape, tears, jazz, strangers, junk piles, marks,scenery, goop, fear, red wheels, memories, jewels, plastic, head shapes, dust, and a list that keeps going; but Downing’s work is really about one word: Emotion

Focus Gallery Two: Tying It All Together
January 8 – February 20, 2010

The artworks of New Mexico artist Sam Peters crawl, dance, spin and spill across the wall. They are elegant tethered shapes floating in boundless space a bit like a dancing Shiva. The surfaces are covered with collage, while the structure of the forms turns on a center, creating vortices, convergences, explosions, implosions and kaleidoscopes.

The compositions are complex drawings which rely on the obsessive practices, expressionist passages, personal cosmologies and iconographies of the artist. Much of Peter’s work alludes to places, beings, and events that exist beneath the surface of things. They are very much like maps, especially the three- dimensional variety, although the artist has no desire to make references to actual locations. His sculptures are gestural drawings that address possible relationships between the exterior, material world and interior, sensing self.

Other Galleries

FW15 – Who Paints the Truth?
January 8 – 30, 2010

This exhibit highlights recent new works by the Fort Worth 15, a group of award-winning artists who live and work in the Fort Worth Community. Diverse styles, subjects, and techniques distinguish the featured artists: Carol Blais, Rachel Cristol, Jo Ann Durham, Carole Harston, Darlia Hobbs, De Bob Jacob, Suzanne Hemphill, Mildred Hogan, Sunnie LeBlanc, Marion Lester, Sharon Markwardt, Annette Parks, Beverly Stringer, Mary Ann White, and Soon Y Warren.

January 8 – 30, 2010

Don Wall and Corliss Wall have individually been pursuing the art muse for over 30 years. Don enjoys creating illustrative images using both classical and impressionistic techniques in his paintings and stone carvingsto depict man as he struggles in and with his environment.

Corliss Wall enjoys using bright colors and flowing contemporary designs to illustrate the emotions elicited by modern life. Most of Corliss’ art is an attempt by the artist to have fun with the ideas she is illustrating by using both bright colors and strong design concepts.

January 8 – 30, 2010

On two different occasions Allie Wynne traveled to Africa to offer fellowship and humanitarian aid. While there, she took photographs of the people to capture their contentment and humanity. Each photograph represents a shared moment or conversation with a person who touched her heart. Many of the photographs and drawings in the exhibit are portraits that were cropped in a way that emphasizes the eyes of the subject.

Denise Hall Fine Art Exhibit
January 8 – 30, 2010

Denise Hall is inspired to paint by the idea that she can blend whatever colors she wants to make the image more interesting or more colorful; to paint what she envisions. Making art brings her unspeakable joy, whatever the subject. Her work is varied in content, but is always bold with color.

January 8 – 30, 2010

Two artists, Sunnie LeBlanc and Sharon Corcoran, have collaborated to create this exhibit. Corcoran’s photographs are what the photographer saw at that moment, on that day, at that precise time when the camera blinked.

In return, LeBlanc’s interpretation of that blink is what makes each painting unique from the photo. The painter has tweaked, prodded, enhanced and sometimes wildly exaggerated the color harmonies while remaining true to the photographer’s image.

Contemporary Southwest Art & Photography
January 8 – February 27, 2010

Artist Jerry Johnston and Photographer Tracy Watson show their work in galleries in Texas and Colorado. This is their second Southwestern Art and Photography Show at the FWCAC. Response to the last show prompted the artists to reprise their two-man show. Tracy Watson’s colorful and graphic photography is the perfect complement to Jerry Johnston’s eclectic, vivid images.

Texas Artists Coalition Featured Artist: Soon Y. Warren
January 8 – February 27, 2010

Soon Y. Warren is an artist, art teacher and author, passing on her techniques for painting bold, intense florals and glowing, light-drenched scenes. Soon’s favorite subjects are those found in nature: animals, trees, a single tangerine or pear, or flowers from her garden. She is inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and our surroundings.

The Texas Artists Coalition is a membership program designed to offer benefits for artists in the North Texas community. These benefits range from an annual juried exhibition to peer reviews to workshops. The mission of the TAC is to support the career development of artists, whether they are emerging or established, amateur or professional.

Artist Opportunities

Texas Artists Coalition: A membership program for artists, sponsored by the FWCAC
January 14 & 25, 7 – 10 p.m.: Life Drawing Session

A model will be available for a 3 – hour session. Artists will need to bring their own easel or art horse and all supplies. No instruction will be offered. Cost is $50 for 5 sessions or $15 per session for TAC members, $75 for 5 sessions or $20 per session for public. Space is limited; it is advisable to sign up for sessions in advance.

Daytime Life Drawing: 9 a.m. –  noon, Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

Call or email to sign up: 817-298-3021 or

TAC Peer Review and Snackaroo: January 12, 6 – 8 p.m.

Bring artwork for peer feedback; moderated by Ann Ekstrom. Non-TAC members welcome. Light refreshments provided.

Work by one of the Fort Worth 15 members

Work by one of the Fort Worth 15 members

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