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Brand New Urban Contemporary Works by Dallas Artists at The 4th Wall Gallery

Building Character
The 4th Wall Gallery
Opening March 5, 2010, from 7 to 10 p.m.

The 4th Wall Gallery is proud to announce the opening of Building Character, a group exhibition of new character-driven work by Urban Contemporary artists C. Kirk, Jeru Gabriel, and Hatziel Flores. The opening takes place on March 5, 2010 from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m., and the show will continue thru April 3. All three artists will be in attendance the night of the opening.

A native Texan, Jeru Gabriel introduces his new larger scale works on canvas with his signature vibrant colors, morphing his passions of underground art, graffiti, portraiture and graphic design. Rarely sketching out full ideas before painting, Jeru’s work is centered in spontaneous creation and relishing the response of the viewer once the art is displayed. Created in various mixed mediums including oils, spray paint, acrylics and markers, Jeru explains, “Label it however you wish, the end result is a bucket full of brightly colored eye candy”.

This exhibition will host C. Kirk’s highly anticipated works on canvas from 2009, as well as a selection of brand new 2010 pieces. Currently fusing fluid sketching and charcoal work styles from his past with spray paint and distress techniques that he has developed over the years, the viewer will notice major differences in genre between the 2009 and 2010 works: while the current pieces dive into a more figurative and abstract realm, the 2009 series of paintings “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” focuses more on a comic-themed visualization of the all-too-human defects of character, faulty perception, and skewed sense of humor. Regarding the upcoming show, C. Kirk states ” I’m so pleased to show these never before exhibited works alongside Jeru and Hatziel, two insanely talented artists I’ve come to know here in Dallas. I’m even more excited that this collection of all our pieces will be on display at The 4th Wall Gallery, a venue that I believe is a vanguard for the Metroplex by showing the current state of what’s going on worldwide in Contemporary Art.”

Also exhibiting a brand new body of work at the show, Hatziel Flores takes his childhood superhero imagery and placing them on the canvas as he sees them now. Once so vivid and powerful in his young mind, the recollection and the line work has faded and characters begin to overlap, evolving into abstraction. Becoming weary of his art school education, Hatziel was introduced to Hip Hop culture and began to get involved with graffiti, which he has developed over the years to express himself through his art in a more gestural manner. Today he incorporates the urban techniques into a surreal art form, morphing his finished pieces into urban-based Modern Surrealism.

Opened in May 2009 and recently named “Best New Gallery 2010” by D Home Magazine, The 4th Wall Gallery is the creation of Matthew Abramowitz, a man who has earned a reputation among artists and collectors for being among the most respected and finest dealers of editorial and illustrated art. The 4th Wall Gallery is a culmination of the success achieved with The Gallery @ Storyopolis in Los Angeles, which hosted over 80 exhibitions for such artists as Gary Baseman, Calef Brown and greats from the illustrator and graphic novel genre such as Will Eisner. The goal of The 4th Wall Gallery is to exhibit an amazingly diverse group of today’s emerging and established cutting edge contemporary artists in areas of illustration, street art, and pop culture imagery.

The 4th Wall Gallery is located at 2925 Fairmount Street, Dallas TX 75201. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm or by appointment. For more information, visit or contact visual director Scott Kaserman at (214) 740-9400 or via e-mail at

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