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Dallas Art News Announces Guest Webcomic Artist Program

Triple Self-Portrait by Nate Bramble

Triple Self-Portrait by Nate Bramble

Dallas Art News is starting a webcomic section that will feature a new art related webcomic each week. We are inviting all established webcomic artists to participate via our Guest Webcomic Artist Program.

Dallas Art News received the most web traffic for a single post for Special Feature: Webcomics Imitating Art, which featured nineteen talented artists. This tell us that our readers like looking at pictures.

Here are some of the specifics for the Guest Webcomic Artist Program:

  • Each guest webcomic artist will product 4 to 5 web comics which will be displayed one per week for a designated month
  • Webcomic artist can use their current webcomic characters or create a totally new comic
  • Subject of the webcomic has to be art related (art history, art education, museums, galleries, art mediums, auctions, etc.)
  • Subject matter has to be suitable for a general audience
  • Webcomics created for Dallas Art News cannot be displayed anywhere on the Internet until that comic has been displayed on Dallas Art News
  • Webcomic artists will retain all rights to their work
  • Dallas Art News is considering compensation for each webcomic

We would like to start the Guest Webcomic Artist Program when Dallas Art News turns one year old in April. If all goes well, we would like to compile all 52 weeks of webcomics into a book.

The Guest Webcomic Artist Program is still a relatively new idea. We are still working out some of the details.

All interested webcomic artists should contact Dallas Art News at

Here are some of the webcomics already interested in our Guest Webcomic Artist Program:

* Webcomic artist who participated in Special Feature: Webcomics Imitating Art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many webcomics will I need to produce?

A. You will need to produce 4 to 5 web comics depending upon how many weeks there are in your assigned month.

Q. Will I be compensated for my webcomics?

A. Yes, Dallas Art News is considering payment to each webcomic artist based on the number of webcomics produces. There will also be compensation if a book is produced. We might even do t-shirts. Who knows?

Q. What signifies an established webcomic artist?

A. An established webcomic artist will have at least three months of comics that were published two or more times a week and they must own their own website. Well established webcomic artists also print their work in magazine or book form.

Q. Can I show the webcomics I created for Dallas Art News on my site?

A. Yes, you can show each webcomic you produced for Dallas Art News on your site after they have been published on Dallas Art News first.

Q. What size should my webcomic be?

A. We will be accepting strips from one to four panels. We are considering a specially formatted page for our webcomics. The actual size in pixels of the submitted webcomics will be determined later.

Q. Who do I contact about participating?

A. Send an email to Dallas Art News at

Q. Were you really asked these questions or did you just make them up?

A. Good question. Yes.

About Dallas Art News

Dallas Art News is art news, reviews, calendars, museums and galleries for Dallas, Fort Worth and around Texas.

0 responses to “Dallas Art News Announces Guest Webcomic Artist Program”

  1. Samantha says:

    I think this is such a fun idea. Webcomickers are always talking about different ways we can expose our work outside the web comic art community.

    It’s obvious you appreciate the value of the creativity involved in making art, and creating webcomics is artistically creative, because you are considering compensation for our comics. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the going rate is for publishing web-strips. Our comics are (usually) freely available on our own websites, but if we do something special for this site, that is extra.

    Chalk me up as an interested web comicker! I’ll certainly spread the word so we can get more input into the discussion of the details.

  2. George Ford says:

    This sounds like a very interesting project. I’ll surely spread the word to my other webcomic-creating peers.

  3. Byron says:

    This is a great idea! Exposure for any artist is great and this provides an excellent opportunity for us to strut our stuff and create something outside our normal webcomic themes.

    I love a good challenge and I’m in! I’m spreading the word as we speak!