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Marty Walker Gallery Presents Lisa Grossman: Windings

Glance by Lisa Grossman, 2010

Glance by Lisa Grossman, 2010

Lisa Grossman: Windings
Marty Walker Gallery
March 23 to April 17, 2010

Opening Reception Saturday, March 27, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Marty Walker Gallery presents Lisa Grossman, in a solo exhibition where deftly executed landscape oil painting flirts wildly with abstraction.

Lisa Grossman’s oil paintings of the wide open rural eastern Kansas, painted en plein air (or on location), are a meditation on open spaces, exploring the emotional responses to atmospheric shifts in light, color, and the vast distance of land and sky. Grossman’s paintings are devoid of objects typically depicted in landscape painting, such as trees, dwellings, and other human-made contraptions such as cars and electrical lines. She instead wipes them out with her confident brushstrokes offering uninterrupted, contemplative fields of color open to self-reflection. Subtle variations of color and contour suggest the pervasive presence of light and air while Grossman quietly punctuates the space with dramatic shapes of transient clouds, winding waterways, glowing sun bursts or glassy reflections.

Grossman’s color palette is reminiscent of early Impressionist paintings, but brushstrokes are languid and deliberate with a modern maturity and sensibility that expose a delicacy of sublime. Lisa’s work is described by Alice Thorson, art critic for the Kansas City Star, saying, “Grossman is not just another Sunday painter seeking to gratify with scenic views… a subdued paint handling and palette yield Rothkoesque quietude.”

Grossman’s work can be seen in the permanent collections of The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Spencer Museum of Art, KS, as well as in various corporate collections including The Hallmark Corporation, and H&R Block, among many others. A few of Grossman’s awards include a fellowship with The Kansas Arts Commission, and a project for Kansas City’s Art Through Architecture Program. In addition Grossman has exhibited in various national juried exhibitions, including ‘The Arts for the Parks Top 100’, National Park Academy of the Arts national touring exhibit.

Marty Walker Gallery is located at 2135 Farrington St. Dallas, TX 75207. For more information visit online at Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

Sand  River I by Lisa Grossman, 2010

Sand River I by Lisa Grossman, 2010

Glance by Lisa Grossman, 2010

Glance by Lisa Grossman, 2010

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