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Soft at Heart at The Magnolia

Tempest by Corey Godfrey

Tempest by Corey Godfrey

Soft at Heart
The Magnolia
Through April 7, 2010

Local artist Corey Godfrey’s opening of her series Soft at Heart at The Magnolia this past Thursday, March 4, found me delighting in childhood memories of crafting with glue and found objects. She utilizes soft material (yarn) mixed with acrylic paint in creating beautiful visuals of women.

The soft material used gives Godfrey’s work the feel of ‘woman’ in vibrantly supple imagery. She was inspired in college by Macaroni Porn and began creating erotic works of women using yarn. Godfreyhas added acrylic paint in her current series and I feel it provides more interest. She is an artist inspired by erotic photos of women and in her recent work incorporated high fashion. Her piece Tempest is a great example of this effort.

I was struck by the innocence of her current works and how it found me remembering the magic I felt in grade school playing with crafts and paper and glue. She uses glue and yarn and paint in her current works and channels her inner child with unique style and presentation. The colors are vibrant and the work draws you in searching your own imagination. Soft at Heart is on display upstairs in the gallery at the Magnolia Theatre in the West Village through April 7, 2010.

Admission is free and art is available for purchase.

The Magnolia is located in the West Village at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas.

Tempest by Corey Godfrey

Tempest by Corey Godfrey

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