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Shifting by Natalie Macellaio at 500X Gallery

MAIN GALLERY: Shifting by Natalie Macellaio
UPSTAIRS GALLERY: Fusion Génétique by Murielle White
PROJECT ROOM: Classic by Tim Best & Ryan Mandell
500X Gallery
April 3-25, 2010

Opening reception is Saturday, April 3, 2010, from 7-10 p.m.

Three new exhibits opening at 500X Gallery this Saturday, April 3. Works by Natalie Macellaio, Murielle White, Tim Best and Ryan Mandell. Opening reception is from 7 to 10 p.m.

MAIN GALLERY: Shifting by Natalie Macellaio

Many years ago, I became interested in the relationship and similarities between humans and the things that humans perceive as being infectious. Influenced by a nasty roach infestation in an ill-advised apartment choice, I was first horrified, then fascinated by the resilience of these creatures. It occurred to me that these creatures share a tenacity for survival and structure. This influenced a body of work that has remained at the core of my practice.

After taking a closer look at our environment I began to realize we are surrounded by our infestation of building, tearing down, and rebuilding our landscape. Our culture is being created in these hollow places. Over time the concrete will crack and its age will show. So, in this vein, I decided to look deeper into this history.

With that, it seemed that the only real individuality was in the cracks. Cracks…the most basic of flaws, have their own depth, length and integrity. At the heart of it, the cracks show age. They can hint at stress points and loose narratives. They can give clues to lapses in craftsmanship and structural integrity. They, in essence, are the story. As I began to create the cracks they turned into my narrative, the crack became a line, which turned into map, a landscape, and a story.

I have chosen to work with precious metals because of their innate strengths and weaknesses. I value silver, both for its culturally relevant quality, and for its beauty. I employ copper for its strength and abundance. I am, after all, interested in creating something beautiful and desirable. I have been photographing cracks in my environment for months and have used these images specifically to recreate these flaws. I use the perception of beauty and strength to juxtapose these “flaws” and make them more apparent and salient.

While the cracks in the concrete on the street or in my apartment or on a tombstone are the source of inspiration, I am hoping that my personal landscape can be universally shared. By focusing on the “flaws”, the objects have become the strength.

– Natalie Macellaio

UPSTAIRS GALLERY: Fusion Génétique by Murielle White

My body of work is strongly influenced by the diversity of my cultural heritage. My four grand parents are from four different, French colonies or/and territories: France, Guadeloupe, India and Vietnam and I was born and raised in Paris, France. I juxtapose visual elements from my cultural background to create a unified, imaginary, abstract world where I can find my identity. I also use my own invented script by mixing the languages that my family spoke (French, Creole, Tamil and Vietnamese). This self-created world, steeped in the diversity of my cultural roots is a dynamic dichotomy: the combination of traditional and non-traditional medium as well as structure versus relinquishment of control. The use of non-traditional medium has given me the flexibility to experiment creative avenues that are unexpected. It is about chaos, breaking rules and exploring freedom. I never know what the outcome will be. Through the process I follow a rhythm that I have created unconsciously. When viewing my artwork, the observer is transported into an imaginative world where multiculturalism becomes one.

– Murielle White

PROJECT ROOM: Classic by Tim Best & Ryan Mandell

Classic is a collaboration bringing together sculpture and video in one monumental structure with a monuMENTAL message.

Spring 2010 Season

Mark Collop & Joel Kiser
May 1-30, 2010
Reception: Saturday May 1, 7-10pm
Upstairs Gallery: Melissa Wilkinson – Paint Snob
Project Room: Sarah Williams

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