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Fundraising Teams of Citizens Collaborate for the Arts of Collin County

Community Volunteers In Allen, Frisco and Plano Work to Grow Awareness and Donations for the Arts of Collin County

Since the inception of the Arts of Collin County, the phrase “it takes a village” has perfectly described the level of teamwork, collaboration, volunteer hours and investment to develop the 100+ acre arts park and performance hall for all of North Texas to enjoy for generations.

In the last year, the Arts of Collin County formed fundraising teams in each of the Owner cities of Allen (which also includes member city Fairview led by Mayor Sim Isrealoff), Frisco and Plano. The groups are volunteers of interested citizens who meet bi-monthly with Mike Simpson, executive director. The primary objective of the teams is multi-fold: brainstorm fundraising ideas, identify donor prospects, participate in fundraising events and donor meetings and be ambassadors for the project.

The teams have provided valuable feedback to the Arts of Collin County and serve as an important stakeholder – the citizens of the Owner and Member cities.

“The Fundraising teams function as important ambassadors in the community building awareness and generating opportunities with new donors,” states Mike Simpson, executive director of the Arts of Collin County.

“All of our Plano team members have a rich history of volunteering in so many capacities, always serving to enrich our community. They bring this high quality focus to the Arts of Collin County that allows them share how this project would make our cities wonderful places to live. It is a honor to part of the Arts of Collin County,” states James Muns, former Mayor of Plano and member of the Plano fundraising team.

The current fundraising teams are as follows:  (by alpha order by city)

Allen/Fairview Team

Steve and Jeanne Adelman
Lisa Lanier Allen
Metta Alsobrook
Maureen Davis
Liz Farris
Virginia Fisher
Susan Gilliam
Jayne Grimes
Jim and Susan Hart
Sim Israeloff
Henry Lessner
Louise Master
Steve Matthews
Katie Mendez
Charles Nies
Marti O’Rear
Trish Redding
Dave Saffle
Barney Schwartz
Catherine Shafranek
Anna Stevens
Patti Tejes
Steve and Sally Terrell
Chris Wallace
Elena Westbrook
Cherie Young

Frisco Team

Nick Barretta
Baxter Brinkmann
Janice Berg
Bill Bretches
Debbie Carroll Boyce
Lyn Chambers
Tim Connell
Amy Davis
Amy Deatherage
Louis Faulstich
Lavern Forwark
Robin Glackin
Larry Hansard
Amy Hardin
Bill and Jan Henning
Michael Horn
Chris Johnson
Susan Katz
Randi Lazar
Lisa Little
Ed Maier
Maher Maso
Kayla McKennon
Allison Miller
Jim and Sue Minyard
Wren Ovard
Ken and Linda Pardue
Fred Pascarelli
Gerald Perrin
Melissa Purvis
David Sanchez
Miriam Satterfield
Karen Shalek
Tracie Shipman
Janet Shone
Sandy Simpson
Robin Smith
Steve South
Julia Stewart
Peter Streit
Justine Sweeney
Glendy Valdez
Bob Warren
Harry Winters

Plano Team

Mellie Baggett
David Bodenstedt
Ann Boswell
Jo Ann Botts
Keith Braley
Jean Callison
Carnie Carpenter
Gene Catalano
Kathy Chamberlain
Diane Donley
Phil Dyer
Pat Evans
Lisa Gorman
Joan Haynes
Peggy Jernigan
Scott and Patricia Johnson
Cheryl Joyner
Joyce Logan
Sally Magnuson
Betty Muns
Joa Muns
Jean Newman
Sylvia Reid
Laura Roach
Beth Robinson
Lisa Sams
Lissa Smith
Susan Spindler
Deborah Stewart
Sherrie Tawwater
Dona and Terry Timm
Beth Webb
George and Linda Wong

About The Arts of Collin County

The Arts of Collin County (ACC) is a nationally recognized, innovative, public-private partnership to develop a 100+ acre arts park. Co-owned by the cities of Allen, Frisco and Plano, with operational support by member cities, Fairview and Melissa, the development of the arts park is supported with $57 million in bond monies, up to $3 million in Collin County Open Space Grant funds, and financial support from private individuals, corporations and foundations. Located at Sam Rayburn Tollway/ 121 just east of Custer Road at Exchange Parkway, the arts park will be completed in phases, with a 2,100-seat performing arts hall, sculpture garden, performance meadow, and hike and bike trails included in Phase One. To contribute, view the virtual tour of the project and learn more, visit or call 214-495-5810.

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