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Samuel Lynne Galleries Announces Line-up for 2nd Annual Summer Film Nights

Art. Camera. Action. And oh, by the way, your mail sounds like a box of rocks. Actually, it was a box of Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers with a really large theater ticket for the 2nd Annual Summer Film Nights at Samuel Lynne Galleries. The gallery will be showing three very interesting art films.

So, I can be bought (see Full Disclosure below). What else is new?

The ticket says, “View acclaimed, art-themed movies in our cozy theater with fellow friends of the art world. Then, take in the sights of our gallery’s latest additions in 3-D oil, mixed media and sculpture.”

The gallery will be showing the following films:

The Art of the Steal – Thursday, June 10 (101 min)

The Art of the Steal is a documentary about the fight to move the Barnes collection of art from the Barnes estate to downtown Philadelphia. Smells a little bit like greed.

Painters Painting: The New York Art Scene 1940-1970 – Thursday, July 8 (116 min)

Painters Painting is a documentary about New York artists. The film features Leo Castelli, Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol, among others.

Herb & Dorothy – Thursday, August 12 (89 min)

Herb & Dorothy is a film about Herb and Dorothy Vogel, who assembled a world-class art collection by buying small, affordable works. Herb was a postal worker and Dorothy was a librarian.

Gallery doors open at 7 p.m. Movies start at 7:30 p.m. Samuel Lynne Galleries is located at 1105 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas 75207. Reservations are required and seating is limited. It is recommended that you call 214.965.9027 to reserve your seat.

Admission is $10 and the proceeds will benefit Hunger Busters.

Full Disclosure

Yes, Samuel Lynne Galleries did actually send me a box of Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers. This small token did not in any way sway my opinion or rush this post. I will be sharing the gobstoppers with my youngling. If a gallery really wanted to sway my opinion they could send me a bar of Godiva extra dark chocolate.

I am interested in seeing all three of the films. I have not seen the theater at the gallery, but I have always enjoyed visiting Samuel Lynne Galleries. They do have some beautiful works on view.

Let me know if you intend to go to any of these movies. Maybe we can all make a date of it. Cheers.

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