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Trigger Happy: Art by Cathey Miller on View at the Magnolia Gallery

Come Here by Cathey Miller

Come Here by Cathey Miller

Trigger Happy
Magnolia Gallery
Through June 30, 2010

If you take the escalator of the Magnolia Theatre right now, you find yourself on the second floor captivated by Cathey Miller’s series, Trigger Happy. They are like candy on the walls with their pleasing color palettes and saucy actresses holding guns. Each painting has a message, or rather a command, like ‘Shut It’,’Come Here’, and ‘Bring It’.

I find myself in front of ‘Come Here’ intrigued. It speaks to me. I pan my view and realize all these sexy ladies with guns are commanding their audience and I am not the only one submitting. There are many attendees in front of the various painting, who appear submitting to the commands of these fierce starlets. You cannot help it. The color tones welcome you in; the sexy starlets beg your attention and the typeface used, BRILLANT! I dare you not to look and have your curiosity peeked. I find the whole series very clever. It subtlety has you captivated and a bit turned on.

The artist, Cathey Miller could be found among the crowd in her colorful dress, classic good looks and engaging personality. I had questions and wanted to know more about where this artist drew her inspiration.

“Thank you for inquiring about my story. It is a very interesting and fascinating tale of bohemian wanderlust, scantily clad models, and felony charges that were eventually dropped,” said Miller.

“I recently trained at the Ukrainian School of Metaphysics and Sheet Metal Fabrication. I studied under a gypsy fortune tell name Baba Yayga. Many genius ideas began bubbling to the surface as I was levitating the steel, and I began to see words floating in thin air. Words like ‘SHUT IT’, ‘STOMP ON IT’, and ‘SICK YOUR FERAL GIRLFRIEND ON IT’. What was the meaning of these words? I cannot say. I decided to take the shorter commands and put them on the paintings of lady hellcats holding guns.”

“My purpose with this series is to hypnotize the movie customers buying popcorn into taking out their checkbooks and buying my genius art. My feeling on this is that if can afford popcorn at $10 a bucket, you can afford art.

“Currently, I paint pictures all day long, and I am an exotic dancer on a roller derby team to earn money, while constantly being stalked by the medical fetish tranny horse rider people, who just want me to paint them.”

Albeit Miller has more than just tranny stalkers, her whole vibe and work spark your interest. She seems very private and low key and then BAM! She comes out bold, vibrant, and sexy. It seems the art world loves a superstar that fucks super models and paints in Italian suits. The art world needs a change, a revamp, where an artist who looks like a super model, fucks like a rockstar and paints like it is the air she breaths is revered. I say ‘Bring It’ Cathey Miller we are ready to see all you got.

Trigger Happy will be hanging and available for purchase at the Magnolia Gallery thru June 30th. My favorite pieces of the series are ‘Come Here’ and ‘Shut It’. You can find out more about this artist from her website: or follow her on twitter

Trigger Happy by Cathey Miller

Trigger Happy by Cathey Miller

Come Here by Cathey Miller

Come Here by Cathey Miller

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