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I am Woman: Group Exhibition to Benefit Alley’s House

I Am Woman (poster by Stealing Kitty)

I Am Woman (poster by Stealing Kitty)

RISING Gallery
July 15, 2010 – July 31, 2010

Opening reception is Thursday, July 15, 2010, from 6 to 10 p.m.

RISING Gallery is proud to host a two week art exhibition here at the gallery titled I AM WOMAN. All proceeds from this exhibition will benefit Alley’s House, a wonderful non-profit Dallas organization. The mission of Alley’s House is to empower teen mothers and their children to achieve independence through support services, education and mentoring. Alley’s House strives to break the generational, economic, and social impact of teen pregnancy within the community. Please visit for more information.

Each participating artist will be given a 24 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvas to create an
art piece based on femininity and the following attitudes:

FEMININITY referring to qualities uniquely attributed to women.
LOVE that drives the Artist to create.
BEAUTY in artistic creation and output.
PASSION imbued within the art.
POWER latent within the work, demanding respect.

Artists participating in the exhibition include:

  • Cathey Miller
  • Renee Vandevere
  • Bonny Leibowitz
  • Laura Elia
  • Kate Wickham
  • Carmen Menza
  • Melissa Preston
  • Maureen Womack
  • Suzy Mortiz-Rawdin
  • Andrea Reich Fender
  • Michelle De Metz
  • Kathleen Wilke
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Sonia Semone
  • Jessica Lee
  • Karen Garrett
  • Sue Ellen Davis
  • Treva Gilkey

Alcohol sponsored by Absolute. The canvases sponsored by Betsy Walker “Course of a Different Color”. Venue donated by RISING Gallery.

I Am Woman (poster by Stealing Kitty)

I Am Woman (poster by Stealing Kitty)

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