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One Hundred and Ten Degrees Opens at TractorBeam Gallery

That reminds me of when I used to run from the cops by Sergio Garcia

That reminds me of when I used to run from the cops by Sergio Garcia

One Hundred and Ten Degrees
TractorBeam Gallery

Last Saturday night was burning hot with the One Hundred and Ten Degrees opening at TractorBeam Gallery downtown. There are 10 artists showcasing their hottest work.

Hot Tip From StealingKitty: If you have ever questioned going to one of these openings for a variety of personal reasons, I urge you to put those reasons to rest.

This opening had a hot bartender serving top shelf alcohol for tips. In contrast, down the street you could get the same drink for about $20 plus tip. Hot bartenders, hot art, electric atmosphere! What more could you ask for in a night on the town.

This show included works from Joshua King, Stephen Hartzler, Fredrik Broden, Shane Pennington, Sergio Garcia, Scogin Mayo, Tony Bones, Zach Saucedo, Jorge Rivas, Steven Wrubel, and Adriane Dutzi. My favorite from the show came from Sergio Garcia. It was a large white piece in what seemed like a wooden frame, it stated “That reminds me of when I used to run from the cops”. I love the moment captured in this piece and the provocation it evokes in my brain. Another notable was Stephen Hartzler. I saw him first at Function at Corinth Park and was drawn to his work there as well. This time he does painting on a mirror of the wing motif he is known for around town. I love it.

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In addition, Steve Wrubel’s photograph was inspiring. The piece is beautifully framed. The framing actually costing more than the photo itself, made the whole piece. If you are interested in purchasing, I would definitely have the frame included since it is framed the way a fine photographed should be framed, impeccably. I look forward to checking out more photographs from Steve Wrubel as his style and clarity are amazing

TractorBeam Gallery is part of a kickass design/ad agency. Wondering about the offices had my mind imagining working there and how creative of an environment it must be to go to everyday for your job. I was able to glimpse June Mattingly at a roundtable of other art aficionados. June Mattingly is known for bringing fine art to Dallas from the beginning. We all owe her a bow for sure as she is a pretty cool lady and one with great connections and taste. One Hundred and Ten Degrees was the hottest show of the evening and the art … smoking!

That reminds me of when I used to run from the cops by Sergio Garcia

That reminds me of when I used to run from the cops by Sergio Garcia

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