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Texas Artists Coalition Presents Designing a Mural, Making a Community this Saturday

Fort Worth Public Art is hosting an artist workshop for community artists interested in City of Fort Worth mural projects this Saturday, August 21, 2010. The workshop will be facilitated by Philadelphia muralist David McShane, a staff artist with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates who has created over 70 murals in PA alone! He comes with loads of experience including various materials, project management, and community involvement, all of which he’ll discuss in the workshop.

The workshop is at the Fort Worth Community Art Center. The $10 registration fee covers cost of parking and lunch (but you can see on the registration form, lots of opportunities for DIY attendance!)

Please invite any interested artists to join us! We’re looking forward to hearing about how you might imagine a mural-making community in Fort Worth.
Click here for more information.

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