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Texas Regional Art Symposium: Women Artists of Texas

Dallas Cityscape by Florence McClung from the collection of Geralyn & Mark Kever

Dallas Cityscape by Florence McClung from the collection of Geralyn & Mark Kever

The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts will host the Texas Regional Art Symposium on October 9, 2010 in McKinney, Texas. This year’s event will focus on the lives of women artists working in Texas during the first half of the 20th century. Symposium Curator, Annie Royer, states that “In small towns and urban centers, women artists had a vision for a cultured community that led them to create, educate, collect and collaborate. Important research and dedicated collecting continues to spread awareness of the artistic contribution of these women. Their story sheds light on the role gender played, and continues to play, in the arts.”

“By bringing together historians, curators, collectors, and local artists, the Heard-Craig Center offers a forum for dynamic discussion, as well as the presentation of new research on regional art in Texas,” states director of the Center, Barbara Johnson. The Texas Regional Art Symposium encourages a greater understanding of 19th and 20th century Texas visual arts (painting, photography, decorative arts, sculpture), and fosters the development of the next generation of creators, collectors, and historians of art and culture in Texas.

As home to an extensive and growing art collection from Texas during the early 20th century, the Heard-Craig Center is privileged to be part of the ongoing story of Texas art. As both creators and collectors of art in Texas, the Heard family contributed to the rich grass roots efforts of local art clubs and civic patronage that resulted in quality art gracing the homes and public buildings of communities statewide.

Texas art is unique, for woven into its story are the events and economics that make Texas history so colorful. Big personalities, burgeoning cities, and the politics of influence are balanced by Texas’ natural beauty and supportive citizenry, as artists pick their way through subjects, styles and venues for their art.

Distinguished speakers and their topics at the 2010 Texas Regional Art Symposium are:

  • Claudia Kheel – Southwest Regionalism
  • Jack Davis – Women Artists in Denton
  • Victoria Cummins – Women Artists and the P.W.A.P.
  • Judy Deaton – Women’s Clubs & Art: Their Impact and Importance to the Community
  • Scott Barker – Women Artists in Fort Worth
  • Michael Grauer – Women Artists in Dallas
  • Lynne Hubner – Printmaking Techniques, Past and Present
  • Stashka Starr – Conservation
  • Collector’s Forum

An underlying theme of the event is the importance and value of collecting art work of the region, both past and present. The capstone of the symposium will be an open discussion led by area collectors who will exhibit and discuss their favorite pieces of art.

Regional art exhibits during the symposium include:

  • Surrounding the attendees in the reception hall will be works from private collections by Florence McClung, Blanche McVeigh, Eleanor Oliver Travis, Coreen Mary Spellman, Cynthia Brants, Julya Kirkpatrick, AllieTennant, and others.
  • The Patricia B. Avery Regional Art Exhibit will showcase the work of current artists who have re-interpreted the work of women artists of Texas.
  • Lucretia Donnell Coke will meet with attendees to answer questions, share her memories of Frank Reaugh and their adventures on the road in The Cicada. Selected paintings from her private collection will provide a glimpse of the 2011 symposium theme of Artist/Teacher: Creating A Legacy.

The Texas Regional Art Symposium provides a unique learning opportunity. It will appeal to all levels of interest in fine art, to anyone with an interest in the art and artists of Texas, past and present, or to those who have a desire to learn more by having the opportunity to hear original research and engage in discussion with scholars.

The symposium coincides with McKinney’s Second Saturday Art Walk on the downtown square. Art galleries will be open and offer special art exhibits which will complete the symposium activities and provide a bridge between the art of the past and present.

Tickets for the Texas Regional Art Symposium are $25 for Heard-Craig League Members if purchased in advance, $30 for non-members if purchased in advance or $35 at the door. Lunch may be purchased for $12. For more information, go to or contact Barbara Johnson, Heard-Craig Executive Director, at or 972-569-6909. Heard-Craig Hall is located at 306 N. Church Street in McKinney, Texas.

Dallas Cityscape by Florence McClung from the collection of Geralyn & Mark Kever

Dallas Cityscape by Florence McClung from the collection of Geralyn & Mark Kever

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