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Sculpture at the State Fair of Texas

Sculpture by Justine

Sculpture by Justine

State Fair of Texas
Through October 17, 2010

The 2010 State Fair of Texas is a little over a week old with less than two more weeks to go. It’s about time you bought a corny dog and checked out some art, especially the sculpture. Fair Park has been sprinkled with sculptures made of metal, mosaic tiles, bronze, wood and ceramic. The sculptures are mostly located all along the walk ways nearest the main entrance and lagoon.

More Visual Art

If sculpture isn’t you cup of tea, then head over to the Creative Arts building on the east side of the Cotton Bowl. There you will find paintings, drawings, photography, hobbies, collectibles, quilting, sewing and more. All works on display are competition winners from child to adult levels.

We would like to show more two-dimensional art but most of the drawings and paintings are hung around the ceiling or are behind glass in the Creative Arts building. We realize floor space is at a premium during the fair, but there has to be a better way to enjoy these artistic works. The fair grows a little each year, but the Creative Arts building does not.


The gallery of sculptures below is a small sample of what can be found around the fair grounds. It will take a little while to see all of the works. The best part is the sculptures are located in the less populated and more shaded areas of the fair grounds. We hope you enjoy.

Be sure to tell us what you thing about the sculptures at this year’s State Fair of Texas. Use the comment field at the end of this post.

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