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Dallas Art News Wishes You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Most, if not all, museums and galleries will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving, a very American holiday. We at Dallas Art News feel this to be one of the biggest misfortunes in society today. Just think of the miles and miles of art space available in Texas for walking off those extra helpings of turkey and stuffing. Consider all the things you can only enjoy and not purchase at a fine art museum. Wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate some paintings and sculptures instead of another slice of pumpkin pie?

Yes, football games and fighting with relatives are both very enticing, but a good stroll through the creaky rooms of the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection at the Dallas Museum of Art or visit to the re-opened the Goss-Michael Foundation to see works by Sarah Lucas would be a delightful change of pace. What would your holiday be like with Picasso, Monet or van Gogh at your table?

Okay, you have a point. I don’t speak Spanish, French or Dutch either. And forget about the fact they are all dead. The point is that I’ve had too much holiday cheer.

Dallas Art News wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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