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JFK Magnificent Journey Art Exhibition to Premiere March 2011 in Dallas

JFK Magnificent Journey

JFK Magnificent Journey

The JFK Magnificent Journey art exhibition is scheduled to open mid March at 1701 N. Market Street downtown Dallas. The brilliant color canvas art collection is a series of over 200 paintings all depicted from photographs of JFK’s family and life. The art exhibition both celebrates and commemorates the life of President John F. Kennedy.

The JFK Magnificent Journey is as a humanitarian project that delivers a message of hope, honesty and integrity for all who participate. The exhibition’s creative brain child is artist Dr. Alen J. Salerian who worked the past two years to produce the storytelling art collection of JFK’s life.

“ I was sixteen years old when I heard the news about John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the news made me cry and the memory of that day is still with me decades later”, said Salerian.

The JFK Magnificent Journey will tell the story of this dynamic man, President John F. Kennedy who gave his life to advance world peace.

The JFK Magnificent Journey previewed in Washington, DC last year. The exhibit was seen by a small invited guest list which included the Honorable Patrick Kennedy.

“ I am honored that Dr. Salerian chose to revive his artistic abilities to explore greatness in my Uncle through his works, “provocative recreations” of well known pictorial moments of our 35th President”, said Kennedy.

Dr. Alen J. Salerian is a neuroscience psychiatrist who has been practicing psychiatry in Washington, DC for thirty two years.  As a renowned psychiatrist he has served as a consultant in forensics and to the media on issues related to the practice of psychiatry. His keen curiosity challenges many who have worked with him.  Salerian was born and raised in Istambul, Turkey by his mother the internationally recognized painter Kristen Saleri. Her art work is well renowned and a museum will be opening this summer in Houston, Texas solely dedicated to her life and her artwork. Dr. Salerian has authored two books and has published numerous scientific papers. He is presently working on two new books about JFK’s life, one fiction and one non-fiction. Salerian lives in Potomac , Maryland with his wife Judy and has four children.

The JFK Magnificent Journey is a touring Exhibition that will travel to numerous cities in the next five years in the United States and Europe. The Exhibition is being curated by Andre Swindell former gallery owner of Gallery d’ Artiste, in Miami, Beach, Florida.  The JFK collection will be available for purchase in Dallas, TX.  The art pieces start at $100 and go to $30,000. Additional information on cost of the collection or to participate in sponsorship opportunities please contact Elizabeth Ganzi at

For Invitations and information on the “Grand Opening” of the JFK Magnificent Journey March 2011 please send all inquiries and contact information to

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One response to “JFK Magnificent Journey Art Exhibition to Premiere March 2011 in Dallas”

  1. Sounds like a great show and effort. Having met President Kennedy and worked directly with the Robert Kennedy Presidential campaign all I can say is that I miss them every single day.

    The Truth shall set you free, so I have heard, and so far I have not heard the truth regarding past events with President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr.

    When you cut the stars out of the sky it leaves a very big hole both in heaven and on earth. America has never recovered and will not do so until those who know the truth either through them or their relative or our government, dead or alive, come forward.

    Then the stars will fill the hole in our hearts and America will once again move forward.