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Valentine’s Day Special: Where to Propose in a Museum?

Tending by James Turrell

Tending by James Turrell

With Valentine’s Day coming this Monday, February 14, 2011, we have asked ourselves the big question. Where would be a good place to propose in a museum? The Dallas / Fort Worth area has numerous fine art museums, which would all make a memorable backdrop for any proposal. And some of them even have fine dining establishments. But for our tastes we prefer being with the art as much as possible.

We have selected three large sculptures at two museums that can easily add to your romantic moment. Not that we don’t love paintings, but when you see our selections, you’ll understand.

Please be aware that most museums are closed on Mondays. If you are going to use our suggestions, then do it this weekend.

Tending by James Turrell at the Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center is, by itself, a special place for a proposal. It has wonderful art, a beautifully designed building and a lush, green, outside sculpture garden. The Nasher is located in the Dallas Arts District next to the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). You could start the day at the DMA with your girlfriend / boyfriend and end at the Nasher with your fiancée / fiancé.

Tending by James Turrell is a little hidden gem at the Nasher Sculpture Center. It is located at the north end of the sculpture garden behind a pair of closed doors. The doors look like they are for service people only, so not many people go in unless they see others coming out.

Inside Tending is a short curved hallway with a blue glow. At the end of the hallway is a large empty room with an open ceiling. Around the sides of the room are seats built into the walls. Tending is essentially a frame for a beautiful blue sky (skyspace).

The room is very peaceful and quiet. More than likely, you and your significant other will be the only ones in there. Quick, pop the question before anyone walks in.

My Curves Are Not Mad by Richard Serra (seen in front of the Dallas Museum of Art)

My Curves Are Not Mad by Richard Serra (seen in front of the Dallas Museum of Art)

My Curves Are Not Mad by Richard Serra at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Also in the garden at the Nasher Sculpture Center you will find My Curves Are Not Mad by Richard Serra. My Curves is two large sheets of cor-ten steel each measuring 14 feet high by 44.9 feet long by 2 inches thick. The curved sheets look like they could easily be pushed over and heavy enough to squash a person. Rest assured these steel mammoths are not going anywhere.

What’s so romantic about two sheets of steel? Good question.

The curved sheets are positioned right next to each other with a narrow gravel path between them. My Curves creates the ability to hear whispers from one end of the curves to the other. You could whisper the big question and then meet in the middle for a kiss.

I know. It’s a little sappy. But it beats getting down on one knee.

Vortex by Richard Serra (photo courtesy The Modern)

Vortex by Richard Serra (photo courtesy The Modern)

Vortex by Richard Serra at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The last of our proposal selections is Vortex by Richard Serra at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The Modern is a very square looking building with strong lines and is partially surrounded by a shallow pond that comes up to the building’s edge.

The Modern is located in the Fort Worth Arts District across the street from the Kimbell Art Museum with the Amon Carter Museum of American Art a little farther up the hill. Much like the Dallas Arts District, you could start your day at the Amon Carter and end at the Modern.

Currently on view at the Modern is Ed Ruscha: Road Tested. This is a wonderful exhibit and we highly recommend it. Ed Ruscha: Road Tested runs through April 17, 2011.

Vortex is the same cor-ten steel as My Curves Are Not Mad, but this time they are standing on end in a circle like a stack of cards. The steel is 67 feet high. Two gaps in the steel sheets allow for people to enter the sculpture and view the sky above through the open top.

The entrance to Vortex creates a sharp line of sunlight in the darkened center. A proposal at mid day kneeling down in the light will definitely bring extra shine to a new diamond ring.

What’s Your Recommendation?

Well, those are our recommendations for proposing at a museum. How about you? Do you have a special spot that would be the perfect place to pop the question?

If so, then let us know by commenting below, discussing on Facebook or tweeting us on Twitter.

Vortex by Richard Serra (photo by Mr. Holga)

Vortex (view from inside looking up) by Richard Serra (photo by Mr. Holga)

Tending by James Turrell

Tending by James Turrell

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