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A Knitted Wonderland Extended at the Blanton Museum of Art

A Knitted Wonderland by Magda Sayeg, 2011 (photo by Mary Roland)

A Knitted Wonderland by Magda Sayeg, 2011 (photo by Mary Roland)

By popular demand, A Knitted Wonderland, the current textile installation in The Blanton Museum’s Faulkner Plaza, will remain on view an additional week, through Friday, March 25. Response to the work has been so extraordinary, museum officials and the artist Magda Sayeg decided to extend the presentation as long as possible.

Comprised of yarn, the work is inherently unstable and was only planned for a two-week run both out of concern for the piece’s aesthetics, and for the protection of the trees it covers. UT arborists have now approved an additional week, providing an opportunity for last-minute visitors, or SXSW participants, to interact with the work already seen by an estimated 8,000-10,000 people.

About A Knitted Wonderland

Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and founder of Knitta Please, Magda Sayeg has created site-specific artworks in Australia, Brazil, China, Mexico, and throughout Europe and the US. Her latest installation, A Knitted Wonderland, is currently on view in The Blanton’s Faulkner Plaza through March 18.

Sayeg takes knitting out of its traditional domestic context and integrates it into urban environments, bringing beauty, color, and play into our everyday lives. By inserting handmade art into a landscape of concrete and steel, she infuses outdoor spaces with a uniquely human quality. Her approach to knitting questions the uses, stereotypes, and purposes of this traditional craft, while adding a previously unused material to the world of street art.

The idea behind her temporary installation at The Blanton was to bring together the crafting community in Austin, a place well known for embracing the craft tradition and the visual arts. With this project, Magda invited knitters throughout the area to knit or crochet the plaza trees in brightly colored stripes up to the first branch, creating a colorful “wonderland.” Each tree tells its own story and represents a person or a team of people who came together to design, create, and bring beauty to The Blanton and to the community at large.

A Knitted Wonderland by Magda Sayeg, 2011 (photo by Mary Roland)

A Knitted Wonderland by Magda Sayeg, 2011 (photo by Mary Roland)

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