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Texas Discovery Gardens Presents Outside the Back Door

Tomato Cage by Carroll Swenson-Roberts

Tomato Cage by Carroll Swenson-Roberts

Outside the Back Door
Texas Discovery Gardens
May 14 through August 27, 2011

Opening reception is May 15, 2011, at 2 p.m.

Discover what lies Outside the Back Door with Texas Discovery Gardens’ summer art exhibition. Using pencil, ink, pastel and natural objects like leaves and seeds, artist Carroll Swenson-Roberts captures the essence of a summer garden.

“All of the parts of the world are forever changing and individual,” Swenson-Roberts said. “You can observe this in the way a tiny seed grows into a large flower. Each bug and bird is slightly different as it becomes part of a pattern that swarms and flies above the grocery store in the evening. I can see this in my neighborhood and out my back door and I find joy in that.”

Pieces like the 30” x 24” Tomato Cage explore the colors and patterns found in a garden, from the plants to the wildlife.

“When I make my marks, I am trying to understand and celebrate the details that make up the whole world we live in,” Swenson-Roberts said.

The exhibition runs through Aug. 27, 2011 and is curated by Janet Reynolds.


Opening Reception is Sunday, May 15, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Free admission for visitors attending the reception. The exhibit runs from May 14 through Aug. 27, 2011. Texas Discovery Gardens admission applies; free on Tuesdays.

Artist Statement

“I believe in art. The act of making a mark changes the definition of what was there before. I believe in noticing moments. To make art is to notice a moment, or a thing, a person, a thought, a fantasy, a shape, a line, or a mark. My favorite page of Maurice Sendak’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, reads, “The walls became the world all around.” To draw/sculpt/photograph/paint a thing, a mark, a dash, a thought, a feeling, a moment, is to have it become the world all around you. When I have done this, then I have truly noticed what I am seeing, thinking, and feeling. It is the capturing and examination of my life. If the viewers can see the moment also, then a communication of understanding has taken place.

–Carroll Swenson-Roberts

About Texas Discovery Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park is a year-round organic urban oasis filled with natural wonders for visitors of all ages. The new Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium unveils the fascinating lives of butterflies. The Gardens feature spectacular native and adapted plants grown using sustainable methods that conserve water and protect the environment. Our EarthKeepers® Children’s Education Program offers year-round outdoor education.

Texas Discovery Gardens is a nonprofit educational organization supported, in part, by funds from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Tomato Cage by Carroll Swenson-Roberts

Tomato Cage by Carroll Swenson-Roberts

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