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Dallas Museum of Art Shop Selling Diana F+ Camera

I have discovered recently that the Dallas Museum of Art online gift shop ( is selling Lomo cameras, especially the Diana F+ camera. Lomo, short for lomography, cameras are usually cheap, plastic cameras that use either 35mm or 120 roll film. This includes Holga cameras, which are what I use, but are not being sold at the DMA.

I really only bring this to your attention because I want you to be informed before you buy.

These cameras are addicting.

The Lomo cameras on the DMA shop include Dianas, multi-shots, fisheye, color spash and others. Each one does something a little unique and different to create a photograph. I could easily fill a camera bag or two with just Lomo cameras.

If you love film photography and have deep pockets, then Lomo cameras are for you.

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Mr. Holga is our walkabout photographer and art reporter. Mr. Holga specializes in film photography, especially with Holga cameras. You can follow Mr. Holga on Twitter at or visit his website at

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