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Review of Picasso and Braque at the Kimbell Art Museum

Picasso and Braque exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum (photo by Will Lopez)

Picasso and Braque exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum (photo by Will Lopez)

Picasso and Braque: The Cubist Experiment, 1910-1912
Kimbell Art Museum
Through Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kimball Art Museum is exhibiting Picasso and Braque: The Cubist Experiment, 1910-1912. This avant-garde exhibit features the works by master painters Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and Georges Braque (1882-1963). This is a fun exhibit and a great opportunity to view art by the two most influential artists of the twentieth century.

Picasso and Braque are the creators of Cubism (1907-1919), a form of painting where the objects are broken into pieces, analyzed, and re-assembled to create an abstract form. Cubism was used in all forms of art at the time including painting, sculpture, music and literature.

The exhibit begins with the etchings and dry points and then transitions to paintings. The etchings were more social in nature with jovial overtones. The majority of the etchings were of life’s necessities: friends, beer, cigarettes and women.

I really enjoyed the paintings. They were richer and more complex with greater use of shades and layers. I found the paintings to be more thought provoking and stimulate the imagination. I typically have a few favorites but this time I couldn’t decide. I enjoyed the entire exhibit.

Picasso and Braque provides insightful facts regarding each piece of art which helps better appreciate the meaning of these historical pieces. I knew these men collaborated during these years but I didn’t realize they were good friends. So, this collaboration wasn’t merely based on experimenting with a new art style but a shared belief in evolving as artists and following their instincts. I was able to deduce Picasso and Braque’s level of friendship from the summary information as the Kimbell mentions their favorite bars and drinks.

I viewed each piece twice. The first pass I didn’t read the associated summary. I wanted to enjoy the works without knowing the background details, so I could construct my own interpretation of what the artist was trying to convey. The second pass I read the corresponding summary regarding the art then view the piece. The result, every time, I was able to see something I missed in the abstraction on the first pass.

I recommend catching Picasso and Braque: The Cubist Experiment, 1910-1912 at the Kimbell Art Museum before this great opportunity passes. The exhibit closes Sunday, August 21, 2011.

7 responses to “Review of Picasso and Braque at the Kimbell Art Museum”

  1. Mr. Holga says:

    Will, this is a great first review. Picasso and Braque are great. I haven’t had time to see this exhibit. I really must get over to the Kimbell and see this one. Cheers.

  2. Will says:


    Thanks for the feedback! It is a great exhibit and good the Kimball is such a nice museum. I don’t make it out there enough.

  3. Brenda says:

    This sounds like a wonderful exhibit. I have been meaning to get to the Kimbell for a while now and will definately get out to see this one!

  4. Stephani says:

    This is a great review of this exhibit! I will definitely make it over to the Kimbell Museum to see it!

  5. Stacy Parker says:

    Great review! I will check out the exhibit. Thanks for the intel, Will!

  6. Kayla Flud says:

    Sounds like an outstanding exhibit! I will defiantly be attending!!!

  7. LoriAnne Meiwes says:

    Great review! Love learning about some of these two Artists personal history. Thanks for including that. Knowing a little personal history as well as your point of view about the piece has made me want to go see it. Well done!