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The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Presents The Modern Kids – Summer Flicks Series

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Lone Star Film Society present The Modern Kids – Summer Flicks Series this August 16-18, 2011.

Films are shown in the auditorium at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Admission is free and open to the public. Seating is limited to the first 250 guests. The age ranges listed below are recommendations.Gallery admission is free for film attendees and adult chaperone on the day of the film. For the most up-to-date information, visit

Take a break from the Texas heat and join us for The 2011 Modern Kids – Summer Flicks Series! Share the art of the screen with your children as they watch stories unfold and ideas form in delightful and innovative films. The bonus for seeing these films at the Modern is the opportunity to visit the galleries before or after and experience the wonder of the art as stories unfold and ideas form in paintings, sculptures, installations and videos found in works from the permanent collection.

Make a full day of creative activities at the Modern. Self guided gallery projects, available at the Modern’s information desk, and fun post-screening conversations make the perfect partner to the films in the Summer Flicks Series.

Film Schedule

Tuesday, August 16

10:30-11am (ages 3-7)

The Lion and the Mouse (12 min), The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog (7 min), and Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type (10 min)

The Lion and the Mouse: In this wordless adaptation of one of Aesop’s most beloved fables, an unlikely pair learns that no act of kindness is ever wasted. With vivid depictions of the landscape of the African Serengeti and expressively-drawn characters, Jerry Pinkney makes this a truly special retelling. His stunning pictures speak volumes.

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog: When Pigeon finds a delicious hot dog, he can’t wait to devour it. But then along comes a sly duckling who wants a bite. Who will be the more clever bird?

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type: A bunch of literate cows go on strike after Farmer Brown refuses to give in to their demands of electric blankets when the barn gets too cold. “Cows that type. Hens on strike!” How will Farmer Brown resolve his problems?

1- 2 pm (ages 8-11)

Wild Africa (9 min), Flip (2 min), A Cloudy Lesson (2 min), The Visionary (2 min), The Monk and the Monkey (4.5 min), Cat’s Meow (2 min), The Lion at Home (4 min), Marcel the Shell With Shoes On (3.5 min), Bubbles (2 min), Marshmallows (2 min), Origins (2 min), The Emperor of Ice Cream (2 min), Treasure (2 min), Box Racer (1 min), Clock Tower (2 min), Defective Detective (3 min), Papiroflexia (3 min), and The Lost Thing (15 min)

Wild Africa: A process called SandStory is used in this video. SandStory is the art of telling stories with sand. Sand scattered on a light box is formed and reformed into ever changing shapes and images that tell visually powerful stories. Choreographed to music these images inspire, challenge and motivate in a captivating way.

Flip: Emily goes on an adventure inside a pop-up book, proving life can be what you imagine it to be.

A Cloudy Lesson: When old man wind teaches his young apprentice how to blow clouds…the results are enchanting.

The Visionary: Bernard the bullfrog just wanted to get out of glasses and upgrade to contacts.

The Monk and the Monkey: Ragu, an excitable, but determined lad, is on a quest to become a monk.

Cat’s Meow: A cat fights with her owner for the ownership of a comfy hat.

The Lion at Home: An earthquake causes a lion cub to tumble out of a painting and embark on an incredible adventure through a series of paintings at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: A stop-motion animated interview of what life is like for a tiny shell living in a big world.

Bubbles: A little girl’s imagination comes to life when she comes across a bottle of bubbles on the beach.

Marshmallows: Who knew that marshmallows could save your life from a marshy creature?

Origins: A character made of scraps wonders though the woods until he comes across a sign that will help him discover where he belongs.

The Emperor of Ice Cream: Is vanilla really the best flavor of ice cream?

Treasure: One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Box Racer: Cardboard boxes add a twist to sibling rivalry.

Clock Tower: A magical story about a girl who makes her own world go round.

Defective Detective: A washed-up detective’s imagination runs wild, as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.

Papiroflexia: An origami tale of a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands. He recreates the grey world around him and makes beautiful things out of ugly ones.

The Lost Thing: In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost.

3-5 pm (ages 12-up)

Various short films (34 min) and Circus Dreams (82 min)

Defective Detective: A washed-up detective’s imagination runs wild, as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.

The Lost Thing: In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost.

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story.

Circus Dreams: A feature-length documentary about a dynamic group of 12 to 18 year olds performing in Circus Smirkus, the only traveling youth circus in the country. The movie immerses viewers into the circus world, revealing the intense work ethic, cooperative culture, and magically mobile nature of circus life. By delving into the young performer’s obsession with these ancient arts, the documentary also explores, in a revealing and authentic way, how it feels to be an American teenager today.

Wednesday, August 17

10:30-11 am (ages 3-7)

Roberto The Insect Architect (11 min), In The Night Kitchen (8 min), Harry the Dirty Dog (9 min), and Scaredy Squirrel (7 min)

Roberto The Insect Architect: A termite named Roberto pursues his dream of becoming an architect and travels to the big city where he hopes to find success. This funny and inspirational story will encourage viewers of any age to build their dreams.

In The Night Kitchen: Maurice Sendak’s classic comic fantasy of Mickey’s adventures in the night kitchen tells us how we get our morning cake.

Harry the Dirty Dog: In this charming classic story, Harry runs away before bath time and plays outside until he changes into a black dog with white spots. Back home again, he must use all his wits and tricks to convince his family who he really is.

Scaredy Squirrel: Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree. It’s way too dangerous out there! Day after day he watches and waits, and waits and watches, until one day… his worst nightmare comes true! Scaredy Squirrel suddenly finds himself out of his tree. As he leaps into the unknown, he discovers something really uplifting and surprising about himself.

1-2 pm (ages 8-11)

Margarita (14 min), A Dog Who Was A Cat Inside (3 min), Whistleless (5 min), Under the Bed (3 min), Walkin’ On Snow Grass (7 min), The Bed (10 min), and Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (16 min)

Margarita: Inspired on Rubén Dario´s poem, is a lyrical short film where music, poetry and color fuse together to bring to life the story of a young princess who leaves behind her extraordinary life to follow her own dream. It’s a journey full of hopes and dreams for all those brave people who want to shine and follow their own star.

A Dog Who Was A Cat Inside: A dog has a cat inside him. The two fight, with one’s desires always getting in the way of the others. However the conflict cannot go on forever and the two learn the hard way to find common ground and work out something for themselves.

Whistleless: In a colorful and vibrant town, all the people and animals can whistle – with one exception, namely the small bird called Whistleless. He flies around trying to whistle, but he is hopeless to the point that all others give up teaching him. But all Whistleless wants, is to take part in the music and festivities of the town. After going through trials and tribulations Whistleless realizes that he has what it takes.

Under The Bed: When you’re young, there’s a fine line between fantasy and reality… especially at bedtime on a dark and stormy night. For these three kids, with the willing help of their wily parents, that line is about to get very fuzzy.

Walkin’ On Snow Grass: A dormouse wakes from hibernation and finds himself in a snowy wonderland previously undiscovered.

The Bed: A highway runs through the house of Willy and Simonne. Every day there is a traffic jam on this road. Simonne sells coffee to the waiting drivers. The drivers enjoy the traffic jam. It is their moment of the day. The moment to take a rest, to read a book, to smoke a tobacco-pipe, to drink a cup of coffee. And then there is the dance in a row, together they dance with their cars up and down and up and down.

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story.

3-5 pm (ages 12-up)

To be announced

Thursday, August 18

10:30-11am (ages 3-7)

Where The Wild Things Are (6 min), Possum Magic (11 min), and Wallace’s Lists (15 min)

Where The Wild Things Are: Max is the hero of this beloved children’s classic in which he makes mischief, sails away, tames the wild things and returns home for supper.

Possum Magic: An Australian possum named Hush used to think that the magic made by Grandma Poss to make her invisible was fun – until one day, Hush wants to know what she looks like. Tour Australia with these two charming possums as they sample the food that will one day make Hush’s wish come true.

Wallace’s Lists: Wallace, a mouse, can do almost anything, as long as he has a list. Then he meets a new neighbor, Albert, who loves music and adventure, and Wallace discovers a wonderful world that he and his lists had not anticipated.

1-2 pm (ages 8-11)

Wake Up Alice (3 min), Zoos of Berlin (4 min), Parasol (8.5 min), Lebensader (6 min), The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (16 min), Defective Detective (3 min), and The Lost Thing (15 min)

Wake Up Alice: A short but sweet retelling of Alice in Wonderland, animated completely out of rubber bands

Zoos of Berlin: Pop art inspired video set to Electrical Way by Zoos of Berlin

Parasol: Parasol is a short, quick revenge film about bicycles, dancing and speed; animated with pastels across the surface of a few thousand paper parasols.

Lebensader: A little girl finds the whole world inside a leaf.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story.

Defective Detective: A washed-up detective’s imagination runs wild, as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.

The Lost Thing: In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost.

3 -5 pm (ages 12-up)

Summer Wars (115 min)

Kenji Koiso, an eleventh grade math genius, agrees to take a summer job at the Nagano hometown of his crush, Natuski. When he arrives, he finds that her family has reunited to celebrate the 90th birthday of the family matriarch. His job is to pretend to be Natsuki’s fiancé. Meanwhile, his attempt to solve a mathematical equation causes a parallel world’s collision with earth.

Films graciously provided by Weston Woods

It is our role at Weston Woods to create audiovisual adaptations that are faithful reflections of the books themselves. We will seek the best books from all over the world and adapt them in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the original. By doing so, we will help children discover the riches that are trapped between the covers of the books and motivate them to want to read for themselves. We believe that a child who wants to read will easily learn to read, and we believe that a child without reading problems will be a child without learning problems.

Weston Woods is a 9 time winner and current 2011 winner of the prestigious ” Andrew Carnegie Medal For Excellence In Children’s Video” with the award ceremony taking place in June 2011 at the American Library Associations convention in New Orleans. We are also the winner at the prestigious WORLD FEST HOUSTON film festival in May 2011, winning 3 Platinum Awards along with a Gold and Silver Award for 5 of our films.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is located at 3200 Darnell Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107. For more information call 817.738.9215 or visit online at

Museum Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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