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Call to Local Artists in El Paso

The City of El Paso Public Art Program seeks to commission a professional artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install an artwork or artworks for traffic circles being installed in existing intersections citywide in El Paso, Texas. Local Artists are eligible to apply except for employees of the City of El Paso, their spouses, or members of the Public Art Committee. The City of El Paso does not accept qualifications from undergraduate students for Public Art Projects.

For detailed information please visit and click on the “Public Art” Tab and/or visit CAFÉ to submit application.

About the El Paso Public Art Program

Adopted by City Council in 2006, The Public Art Program for the City of El Paso was established under the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) in the effort to integrate public artworks throughout the City of El Paso. The Public Art Ordinance established a 2% for the arts program, setting aside 2% from every Capital Improvement Project budget for the acquisition of art for municipal property.

Since its inception, the Public Art Program has strived to offer our local communities and neighborhoods insight, repose, delight and a distinctive sense of place in the essence of achieving the following Public Art Policy Goals to enhance the quality of life of residents through the thoughtful infusion of artists at a neighborhood level and in the design of publicly financed infrastructure, promote economic revitalization by adding value to municipal facilities, creating ongoing opportunities for artists and artisans to enhance the visitor experience, define and improve authentic images of El Paso as a unique place, community and destination, and administer, maintain, and conserve the City’s public art collection.

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One response to “Call to Local Artists in El Paso”

  1. If your looking for a Call to Artists… you should look no further that the Chuco Artist Network in El Paso, Tx.

    I hope the city starts looking at home before sending all projects to cities miles and miles away…