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Dallas Art News Needs Reporters

Dallas Art News needs reporters. We are looking for individuals with a passion for art and the ability to write an honest review. Reporters should live in Texas (Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio areas) and can attend local museums and galleries.

The ideal reporter would be an aspiring writer. Someone who enjoys attending exhibits and documenting the experience. A reporter can be a freelancer, a college or high school student, stay-at-home mom or senior citizen. Anyone with a high school degree or above can apply.

A Dallas Art News reporter should be able to contribute one news post every month depending upon location. Some areas will have less art news than others.

A reporter will be required to follow style guides (standard and Dallas Art News styles). All reports will be edited prior to posting. Reporters will be given credit for their work.

A Dallas Art News reporter is not a paid position at this time. The position exists mainly for the art and the experience and the glory.

Interested reporters should contact Dallas Art News at or use the contact form at the bottom of this post. Please send links to examples of your work.

Frequently Asked Question

1. I already have a full-time job. Can I be a Dallas Art News reporter?

Yes. Dallas Art News is looking for individuals with an appreciation for art and the ability to write an honest review for the benefit of others. We need reporter all over Texas to help report art news.

2. How much does this position pay?

Nothing. Dallas Art News is starting-up slowly and is not making any money. We are doing this for the love of art. Not even the managing editor is being paid.

When Dallas Art News starts making money, we will consider rewarding our reporter, especially reporters who joined us during our development period.

3. I don’t live in one of the cities mentioned. Can I still be a Dallas Art News reporter?

Yes. If you live close enough to one of these big Texas cities, then you can be a Dallas Art News reporter.

4. Are there any benefits to being a Dallas Art News reporter.

Yes. Dallas Art News often gets invited by museums and galleries to preview their exhibits. This is a great opportunity to meet museum directors and curators, artists, gallery owners and special guests.

Dallas Art News added another perk this year. We paid the membership fee for each exhibiting artist for the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. This allowed our artist staff members to show their work in The MAC Annual Member Exhibit. The MAC arranged for all our works to be hung together.

5. I am an artist. Can I be a Dallas Art News reporter?

Yes. Dallas Art News definitely wants the viewpoint from an artist.

You will not be allowed to review your own art, but we definitely would like you opinion on other exhibits and artists.

6. I am not sure my writing skills are strong enough to be a Dallas Art News reporter. How will reporters be selected?

The best way to determine your ability to write is to send you out on a writing assignment. Instead of reading a writing sample, we would like to see a current review. With a little editing, we will probably publish it on Dallas Art News.

Don’t panic. We will give you some pointers and discuss the standard flow of an art review.

7. How much do I have to write for a review?

We like our news and reviews to be 500-1000 words. We will accept a little more or less.

In some cases we may accept a photo review. All photo review need to be approved by our editor first.

8. Can I also post the review I write for Dallas Art News on my  blog or website?

Yes. Since this is not a paid gig, you can post your work where ever you like. The only limit we impose is that you don’t post your review to other art news sites that compete with Dallas Art News.

If you are even considering being a Dallas Art News reporter, then use the following Contact Form to send us a message.

Dallas Art News Reporter Form

Please complete the following form fields and click the Send button to contact Dallas Art News. Thank you.

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You do realize this is an unpaid gig?

Yes, I'm doing this for fun and experience.What? I don't understand.

So, you really, really want to be a Dallas Art News reporter?

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Select which city you live in or near:

AmarilloAustinDallasDentonEl PasoFort WorthHoustonLittle RockLubbockNew OrleansOklahoma CityPlanoSan AntonioSanta FeTylerWaco

Which of the following museums have you visited in the last year:

Amon Carter Museum of American ArtAustin Museum of ArtBlanton Museum of ArtCrow Collection of Asian ArtDallas Museum of ArtEl Paso Museum of ArtKimbell Art MuseumModern Art Museum of Fort WorthMuseum of Fine Arts, HoustonMeadows MuseumMcNay MuseumMuseum of Nature & ScienceNasher Sculpture CenterSan Antonio Museum of ArtSid Richardson MuseumThe Grace MuseumThe Menil CollectionThe Sixth Floor MuseumTyler Museum of Art

Can you sometimes attend press previews at major museums during the work day. They are usually held in the morning between 9 a.m. and noon and only last about an hour.

Any questions?

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