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Time Lapse Video of Printmaking at Southern Methodist University

Mr. Holga, our walkabout photographer and reporter, recently took time lapse images during Peter Ligon’s printmaking class at Southern Methodist University (Go Mustangs!). The images were shot using his Nikon D7000, which has a built in intervalometer (shutter release timer).

During the time lapse video you can see all the stages of the printmaking process except creating the copper plate.

Here is a brief summary of the steps and where in the room you can observe them:

  1. Put printing paper in water bath (rear right)
  2. Place copper plate on hot pad for adding ink (rear under vent hood)
  3. Completely cover the copper plate with ink and remove most of the excess
  4. Remove the remainder of the excess ink with a tarlatan leaving only the desired ink for printing (tables just past the printing presses)
  5. Remove paper form the water bath and wring out excess water using the blotting paper and roller (rear right)
  6. Place the copper plate on the printing press (gray or red press in middle of room)
  7. Place damp paper on top of copper plate
  8. Place felts on top of paper
  9. Turn wheel to press paper to plate
  10. Remove felts
  11. Gently remove paper from top of copper plate
  12. Admire print
  13. Remove copper plate
  14. Clean printing surface of any ink left behind

These images were shot from 7-8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. Thanks to everyone in the video including Peter, Bernadette, Val, Brandi, Tina, Ronald, Jessica, Rives, John and Mr. Holga.

The time lapse video include The Chicken Dance performed by Die-Hard Polka Band from their album Polka, Polka, Polka. We liked the music so much, we bought the album.

Peter Ligon’s printmaking class at SMU is eight sessions from September through November. SMU offers other informal art courses to include drawing, painting and sculpting.

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