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LuminArte Gallery Hosts International Biennale Artists Exhibition Featuring Over 40 Artists Representing 16 Countries

Tea Ceremony by Wewer Keohane

Tea Ceremony by Wewer Keohane

International Biennale Artists Exhibit
LuminArte Gallery
November 5 through December 11, 2011

LuminArte Gallery celebrates the achievements of over 40 contemporary artists representing 16 countries in the International Biennale Artists Exhibition, November 5 – December 10, 2011.  Curated by Matt Anzak, the exhibit showcases a community of well-established and rising artists, including Ester Wertheimer, Robin Antar and Alicia H. Torres, whose artwork serves to express cultural diversity through paintings, sculptures, photography and even clothing.  The opening reception is Friday, November 5, 7 – 11 p.m., and many of the artists plan to attend.

The dynamic art collection displays a varied understanding of technique, media, and subject matter, while typifying contemporary trends in the international art world.  Many of the artists featured have been recognized through various awards and distinctions, and each artist has endeavored to communicate to a broader audience, creating artworks that have been exhibited and collected worldwide.

A few highlighted artists include:

Bronze sculptor Esther Wertheimer (Canada), whose Paulo and Francesca sculpture (left) was showcased at the former Wells Fargo Building in Dallas, has monumental pieces throughout Canada, U.S., China, and predominantly in Japan.  Her thirteen-foot Primavera was installed in front of the new Fukuoka City Hall and two of her bronzes were selected for the Katsushika Performing Art Centre in Tokyo.  Esther’s creations have focused on dance using graceful elongations to capture the rhythmic beauty of the human spirit.

Robin Antar (USA) is a Brooklyn-based sculptor of Americana icons, such as M & M’s and York Peppermint Patties, which she permanently “freezes” in stone, often in marble or limestone, sometimes starting with slabs that weigh as much as 10,000 pounds.  Her original works have sold for as much as $25,000 and can be found in several private collections throughout the world.

Alicia H. Torres (Colombia) has shown in over 60 exhibits across the globe since 2004.  Texture, composition, and intense colors are the main elements of her often abstract, ambiguous paintings put on paper, canvas or board.  Her artistry utilizes brush marks, light and heavy layers of paint, paper, gesso, oxide, or fabric to create a hybrid art form in any composition.

Heinz Körner (Austria) began his career restoring artwork in 1994 and by 1997 began to take part in painting exhibitions and sculpture symposiums, working with wood and stone.  Heinz specializes in the restoration of historic churches throughout the world and serves as artistic adviser for international woodcarver symposiums.

Going Up Beyond There by Matti Sirvio

Going Up Beyond There by Matti Sirvio

Richard Bailey (USA) is a retired lieutenant colonel of the U.S. Air Force where he was a pilot (instructor and examiner) with over 7,000 flight hours which included 575 combat hours in Vietnam.  While living in the Netherlands for several years, Richard developed his artistic style which depicts imaginary landscapes with colors, texture, and movement as often studied from altitude while on autopilot in the cockpit.  He has had numerous one-man shows and received many positive reviews which have led to purchases of several significant works by major foreign museums and art collectors.

Born and educated in India with a degree in Hindi Literature, Puneeta Mittal found her passion for clay after moving to the United States.  She has a strong belief that everything that is born, grows and withers away to be yet born again.  Incessant change proceeds in an evolutionary cycle – clay is an ideal medium for her expressive goals.  Puneeta graduated with an MA in Studio from Adelphi University and completed her MFA at Long Island University.

Matt Anzak (USA), curator of the International Biennale Artists Exhibition in Dallas, has been traveling regularly since 1998, either creating or exhibiting his artwork internationally. Matt has shown his art throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area, as well as in Santa Fe, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Miami, London, Paris, Florence and Sydney. Matt has worked with cultural organizations such as ProArt and Contraria Arte in Ferrara, Italy, and Bhavan Australia in Sydney, and is a founding member of the artist group Ivy Paris in Paris, France. His artwork ranges from figure and landscape to nonobjective abstraction and explores a variety of media, technique, and subject matter. Matt currently lives and works in Denton, Texas, and coordinates international art events with LuminArte Gallery in Dallas.

About the International Biennale

The first Biennale took place in Florence in 1997, founded by a committee of Italian artists and curators who proposed a biennial where talented and recognized artists could exhibit their latest work and how it would be exhibited with few restrictions.  With hardly any publicity, the response was impressive: 317 artists from 17 countries.  Today, the Florence Biennale hosts 650 contemporary artists, representing 84 countries and more than 2,500 artworks and has harvested into numerous Biennale exhibits across the globe.  The Biennale believes in promoting respect and tolerance among the world’s artists and is recognized by the United Nations as an official partner its program, Dialogue among Civilizations.

About LuminArte Gallery

LuminArte Gallery, owned by Jamie Labar, emerges as a unique, vibrant beacon in the center of the flourishing Dallas Design District and maintains a strong connection to the international design community, to the Arts District and to the philanthropic community.  LuminArte serves as a venue not only for established and emerging artists but also for multimedia events involving nationally recognized musicians and performers.

LuminArte Gallery, an intimate studio and gallery space supported by rotating local and international art exhibits, music concerts, non-profit and other events, is located at 1727 E. Levee Street, Dallas, Texas 75207.  Hours are Thursday through Friday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.; and Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment only.  For more information, call 214.914.4503 or visit and follow on Facebook.

Tea Ceremony by Wewer Keohane

Tea Ceremony by Wewer Keohane

Going Up Beyond There by Matti Sirvio

Going Up Beyond There by Matti Sirvio

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