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The Sixth Floor Museum to Screen Zapruder and Stolley Film on November 19

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza will screen Zapruder and Stolley: Witness to an Assassination (a Roger Sherman film). The screening will be on Saturday, November 19 at 2 p.m.

On November 22, 1963 Dick Stolley, Los Angeles bureau chief for Life Magazine, was urgently summoned to the ticker tape machine: “The President has been shot,” he was told. He jumped on a plane to Dallas, tracked down Abraham Zapruder and managed to secure the rights to his home movie film, the only eyewitness film to capture the entire assassination. A few years ago, Dick sat down and recounted this story from his point of view. In a gripping 35-minute conversation, Dick recounts how he followed a tip that led him to Zapruder.

Following the world premiere of Zapruder and Stolley: Witness to an Assassination, join us for a conversation with Dick Stolley moderated by Museum Curator Gary Mack.

“Zapruder and Stolley is utterly engaging.” – Tom Brokaw

“Dick Stolley is a national treasure, and his ability to calmly, clearly tell the story of one of America’s saddest days is truly remarkable. This documentary is devoid of the usual bells and whistles. It’s just unbelievably powerful, old-school storytelling. And what a story it is.” – John Huey, Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc.

The event is $5 or free with paid admission to the Museum. Visit for further details!

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